Friday, October 9, 2009


Here's the katybag - the newest pattern I've been developing. And by "developing", I mean "mass-producing to get it right". It's a teeny little bag, only about 7" across. Teeny but spunky like our little Katydid, after whom this is named. It isn't hard to sew at all - so easy that I made 6 in one go, in different types and weights of fabric just to make sure that I was doing it in the fewest possible steps and with the lowest possible likelihood to foul up.

What really makes this bag, I think, is the piping.
It is a nice finish for parts like the clasp

and the straps, which are my absolute favorite part of any bag

and all around, really.

Shall I show you what sparked off this silly bag-making spree?
It was this picture:

Do you see it? That seemingly innocuous pocket?
Looked like a handbag waiting to happen.
I planned to make the fourth item in the S+C+V collection
for Emily, but got carried away experimenting. Emily will
get her little pink katybag, but what started off as a little
girl's handbag seemed to have endless possibilities for a
grown-up handbag for a night out with the (grown-up)
girls. Or a luncheon. I can just see Orla sitting on a white
tablecloth next to a salad plate and fancy silver.

The best part is how little fabric each bag needs - a fat
quarter makes two bags (or one bag if you use the same
fabric for the lining). I almost called this the Fat Quarter bag
but I felt guilty throwing around terms like Fat Quarter
when I neither quilt, nor buy fat quarters by habit.

It's taken me a while to get any photos at all because of
the past week of rain. Photos all taken finally, so I just need
to find some time to write up the instructions. Here's my
question: would anyone be interested in the pattern if I put
it in the shop? Or buying these little katybags themselves
(except the pink - that's Emily's)? The plan (if there's
interest at all, I mean) is to have the pattern for sale
by end October, so you can make these for Christmas.

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone!


  1. I would love to make bags like that! They are really really sweet and very nice shapes/dimensions. You've got some cracking skills lady!

  2. They are adorable!!! Although, they are way beyond anything I could ever sew. I still haven't finished (or started!) the felt cake that I've been planning to copy from you :)

  3. I would completely buy any of your patterns Lier! You are so creative and really, almost architectural. You manage to figure out how to construct things that I would never even begin to figure out how to do!


  4. Yes! Love it! I'd buy the pattern!!!

  5. What an adorable bag! I would love to have the pattern. I know several little (and not so little) ladies who would love to have a bag like this.

    Nice job!

  6. Adorable! I am not up to skill level for sewing it yet, but I'd sure buy one or two!

  7. I would buy this pattern - they are too cute!!!

  8. Yes, I would love a pattern. The one strap style is my favorite kind of purse!

  9. I would buy the pattern - I'm thinking a grown up girls version in raw silk for nights out when I need something fancy-ish (which I never think to buy until I am dressed and ready to go). I've been longing to use raw silk for something! I might buy a finished bag too if I loved the fabric it was made of!

  10. Since I don't know how to sew (but have a GREATER DESIRE to after reading your blog) I would buy a bag...or two or three depending on the price and colors. :)

  11. You have my vote!!! I have been tempted to work with piping but have sooooo intimidated to do it by myself so I think this would a really fun project to get me started! I hope you do it! What a darling little bag, I just love the shape! Good job!

  12. Piping scares me, but these bags are really cute.

    Hereby putting forth the suggestion that the s+c+v bags be called the Neapolitan Bags. Like the Neapolitan ice cream? Then if you do a bag that is pink, brown and green you can have a Spumoni bag.

  13. I'd buy the pattern... you'll explain the piping quite clearly, right?

  14. Love them - the cream one with navy piping & flowers is my favorite. I would buy a pattern, too. Between my daughter & 3 nieces I'd be busy!

  15. I love your blog. I would definitely want to make these bags, IF they were within my intermediate seamstress skill level and made with things readily available (is it just interfacing making the bags look sturdy or something more mysterious...). I'm also curious, how does the clasp fasten?
    Keep it up, you really inspire me.

  16. so great, LiEr! Amazing what a little piping does to a project. I love what you've done here. And how cool that you can make them with a fat quarter! Will you be putting the pattern in the etsy shop?

    p.s. the orange one looked oddly familiar to me. then I realized -- i used that same fabric in Al's quilt. : )

    Also, Chris, love the "neopolitan" name!

  17. I'd definitely buy a pattern. I'm keen to try piping and these are super cute, I really like the rounded shape. At the moment, with all the nappy and knickers, snacks and drinks lugging I'm doing (don't leave the house without emergency sultanas!) I'm mostly using super big bags, but a wee bag would be lovely for the occasional sans-kiddos excursion.

  18. Yes, I would be interested in the pattern and/or the completed bags. You are so talented! I love reading this blog. My kids made the Halloween garland today that you wrote about. I'll send you pictures when I get a chance.

  19. LOVE these bags!! The colour combinations are gorgeous!!

  20. Will the pattern be available Lier? I really want to make them for family members for Christmas and they are just so so pretty!

  21. Hi LiEr! I just finished my second katybag...thought you might like to see it :)

  22. I made a katybag tonight. It is so completely adorable! I would share a photo but I don't know how. I am a childless woman in her very late 40's with no nieces and nephews but I still had to make a katybag because the cuteness kind of made my head swim in a dreamy way. Fortunately one of my Jazzercise instructors has a little tiny girl who will be a perfect match for the bag with it's spots and stripes and piping!

    The piping really does make all the difference....

  23. I made a katybag tonight. I have no children, no nieces or nephews, and none are likely to ever appear but the cuteness of the katybag called to me with a siren song and it is every bit as adorable as yours - which is a huge compliment to your instructions.

    Fortunately one of my Jazzercise instructors has an adorable little girl who is just right for the katybag with all it's spots and stripes and bright pretty colors. And piping. The piping really does make it something special.


    PS: I too used to teach physics and now I think I might have to make every pattern you offer. The katybag is done. The lunch bucket will likely be next. And then... if I can find the robe velour... the Owie Doll. Ooooeee!

  24. Is the blue flower bag available to buy? So adorable!

    1. Hi Crystal - no, that bag was sold quite a while ago.

  25. How do i purchase the pattern?

    1. Caroline, you can purchase the pattern here (scroll down through all the patterns until you see the katybag pattern):


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