Monday, October 12, 2009

Reponses to Feedback

Thank you everyone for your comments, feedback and email to the last post on the little bag. I am so thrilled that you are interested in both the pattern and the bags themselves! I'll go ahead and get the pattern going, then! I'll take into account all the things you've said and asked about. For example, I was intending to explain how to do the piping anyway, so I'm glad some of you brought that up as something you'd like more attention paid to. It isn't difficult - it's much easier than inserting zippers, for instance. But many things that look "professional" have intimidated the best of us, haven't they? Remember what you first thought of your sewing machine? With all its dials and levers and whirlygigs? Before it became your BFF, I mean?

Someone else asked how the bag clasp fastens - by a mini magnetic snap. I bought them from the purse supplies section in JoAnn - three sets in a pack for about $2.

Another question about what makes the bag stand up - just interfacing.

As mentioned earlier, I'm aiming for end October, or early November at the latest, for the pattern - and I'll try and get the bags into the shop over the next couple of weeks. Am foolishly attempting to complete two massive projects by that same time - Jenna's birthday gift and the girls' halloween outfits. Er, let's see - I have three girls, so that would be one, two, three outfits plus the birthday gi...... OK, four massive projects by end October. Silliness!

Speaking of silliness - I went fabric shopping this weekend for the fleece for the halloween costumes and (get this) took all three girls with me. Without candy. Foolhardy!


Had to distract them with the non-edible contents of my purse. The girls fought over my measuring tape, which I've had for years and which lives in my purse so I can whip it out whenever I need it - like measuring shoulder seams of shirts in the mall to see if they might fit the husband etc. Jenna eventually won the rights to the measuring tape, and I had to walk with her trying to measure my leg.

Then she lost it! My measuring tape (not her sanity, I mean)! Just "dropped it somewhere". Of all stores to lose a measuring tape in. Grrrrrrr. Of course none of the counter staff could believe their ears when I asked if anyone had turned in a lost measuring tape. Oh the looks they gave me! The only thing sillier than losing a measuring tape in a fabric store was that I actually tried to get it back.

So now begins a new week! School, nap-juggling, meal-planning and life in general. Exciting even without the sewing. Have a good one, all!


  1. I would DIE if I lost my measuring tape...the little one, in my purse... Well, maybe not die, but I'd be horribly upset. It was my grandma's...from when she had a yarn shop...about the time I was born. It's irreplaceable. So sorry to hear you lost yours!

  2. HA! I carry a measuring tape in my purse too! I didn't know so many people did that.

  3. Too funny. Sorry to hear you had such bad luck in there.

  4. Sproutingflowers: My measuring tape is nowhere close to an heirloom like yours, so my heart has stopped breaking. I hope yours always stays with you- it's so precious.

    Jody: Isn't it useful, though? I've used it for all kinds of things and in all manner of stores, even Home Depot. I felt a bit wimpy using a sewing measuring tape when everyone else was using those retractable metal he-man types around me.

    K: Thanks. I comforted myself by thinking it could have been worse - like losing a wallet or credit card or (worsest of all) losing a child! Unlikely, though, that last one, since they were all hankering to leave and clinging to my legs etc.

  5. You made me laugh! I carry a mini man's-measuring tape (as you call it!) in my purse. My kids adore it and I think, after reading your shopping horror story, I should get another one. Mine even has a level built in the side - very fasicinating to the child in possession.
    I started carrying a measuring tape in the days when we were renovating our house and I knew the measurements for everything in our house and had to check store's products. Then I realized how HANDY it was to have a tape all the time and then I had kids and realized it could double as a toy, too.

  6. I don’t sew but I still keep measuring tape in my handbag all the time. Baby clothes come in different lengths for same size from different brands. I am first time mom and work full time and get so little time for shopping. I want to make sure I don’t need to exchange baby clothes because they are smaller. So I measure the clothes that fit my son at home then just buy something bigger no matter what the label says. One time I took my tape out and started measuring baby clothes in department store, one lady saw me and the look on her face… can’t describe :)


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