Monday, October 26, 2009

Updates and Requests

Hallo everyone!

First, a quick photo-less update on what's been messing up my sewing room recently:

  1. Jenna's birthday present - finished two weeks ago and all blue. If you liked that Princess Pavilion Tent, you'll probably like this too (plus it's all blue, did I mention that yet?). Photos later.
  2. Embellishments for Jenna's birthday present - a lot of hand-sewing, so taking a while.
  3. Emily's fairy Halloween costume - finished.
  4. Jenna's princess Halloween costume - almost finished.
  5. Kate's un-chicken Halloween costume - eeek! Still nowhere in sight.

I've received comments and email from some of you who are making and who have made Christmas presents and dress-up outfits from tutorials you've found here. I can't tell you how big a smile that puts on my face! First, that the instructions are helping you dress some little kids up fancy for the holidays, and second, that the instructions work at all! Hooray! Thank you for thanking me! And thank you for sharing your own stories!

I've also received requests and inquiries about things on the blog that some of you are interested in making for Christmas, like those jam tarts. I of course want to make a thousand things and patterns and tutorials for the whole world but we have only so much time. So to help me prioritize a bit, I've made a short list here of patterns and whatnot to make available in time for Christmas making, based on what people have asked about. Also some new things to expect that no one has asked about, because no one has er, seen them yet:

1 The katybag (out early Nov)
2 The felt peg doll
3 The round craft bag
4 Chicken
5 The weird doll

If anyone has any other requests, please leave a comment to say so, OK? I can't promise anything, but it will help me prioritize at least.

Last note on katybags: sorry I haven't put the ready-made ones in the shop yet. We've had a crazy week. And I've succumbed to whatever germ the kids have! Drat. Mutter mutter mutter mutter. I'll get to them as soon as Halloween is over.


  1. LiEr! You are a creative MACHINE! I don't know how you find the time. And by the way, that felt covered foam cake is phenomenal. And by the other way, did I miss the chicken?? Where is the chicken? Why do you continue to tease with this elusive chicken?

  2. LiEr, I have no idea how you get so much done, and with it all looking so beautifully perfect! I am in awe.

    So sorry to feel you've caught a bug. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I can't wait for the round craft bag! I LOVE it!

  4. If I were to prioritize I'd have the same order you posted. I love all your projects but can't think of anyone I'd want to make a chicken for just now and the weird doll sounds slightly suspicious!

    Can't wait to see what the next 2 months bring!

  5. When will be seeing the chameleon thread, shape-shifting sewing machine feet, and seam-ripper wands in the shop? Those would be handy before Christmas.

  6. Looking forward to seeing all the coming goodies as well as tutorials! Keep up the fantastic job and don't forget to take a break once and a while and not over do it.


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