Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happiness is

  • seams that line up perfectly
  • seams that line up perfectly around a circle
  • getting the perfect tension for different-colored upper and lower threads while sewing velcro
  • sharp shears
  • already having a bobbin with thread in the color I need
  • not having overdue Etsy fees in spite of ignoring the shop
  • sewing a sleeve onto a neckline and not needing to utter foul words
  • secretly making cardboard craft projects for the kids to do tomorrow and not being found out
  • thinking about smocking lessons with Auntie Laura - in Singapore - after Christmas (Auntie Laura says, "Easy! Start with polka dots." So cryptic; I can hardly wait.)
  • not sewing in favor of playing in parks with the children every day this week.... in November.


  1. I, too, find that happiness often corresponds with seems and bobbins.

    I would add that happiness is when a project exceeds expectations.


  2. Smocking is easy if you start with polka dots???? Oh please come back and share with us! I have always wanted to smock, but I'm terribly intimidated.

  3. Hapiness is...

    -bobbin thread that doesn't run out in the middle of a seam.

    -a serger that doesn't need to be rethreaded.

  4. Oh, I would love to learn to smock - please share what you learn?


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