Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Bought Fabric


My second online purchase! I'm finally getting somewhere. Or, I'm dangerously close to developing a new bad habit.

The only other time I did this was to try out oilcloth (still in a pristine roll in some closet downstairs) which was all over the craft blogs, and which I couldn't find in the physical store.

Tonight, though, I stayed up way too late and found Maisy fabric here. MAISY! Adored by Jenna to the point where I had to make her Maisy underwear for potty training. What shall I make with it? Pillowcase? Small purse? Fun skirt? Whooo. Not dress, though - it's cotton - ick.

Project update: Tonight also finished the Miniscule-Velcro project I mentioned here. So relieved. Took me, what, three weeks? That's 20 days longer than I'd planned. Pictures sometime soon, weather permitting. Children still haven't seen it. Hurrah! The online shopping spree was my um... (whistling) reward.


  1. Is it the Maisy Panel fabric? That's the funnest one :)

    We like Maisy too.

  2. I haven't bought fabric online yet for the very reason that it might become a bad habit, but I have become really disappointed at the fabric selection we have at our local JoAnns. Dismal curdoroy and almost no cotton knits. After Christmas I may have to take the leap!!! (YAH!!!)

  3. Er shockingly, Jen, I bought them all. Well, I bought three different Maisy fabrics, including the panel. Like I have all the money in the world.

  4. I've thought of buying fabric from that site before, although Mike has this idea that I should use up all the fabric I currently own before I buy any more. Hmm...

  5. Did you buy enough to qualify for free shipping! (Spending money to save money?) The Maisy fabric is adorable, can't wait to see what you do with it!

    My only online fabric buying experience was positive so I hope yours is too.

  6. I love your blog and you have inspired me so much. I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award.

  7. Shopping online can get really bad! :-) I love shopping online basically because I can do it anytime I want to and don't even have to get dressed for it ... ;-) If you live not in a bigger city it often even turns out cheaper than taking the car or train to go to a city to visit a certain store. (That's how I justify it anyway ...)

    But why is it bad to make dressed from cotton? Or did I get that wrong ...? (Just curious.)

  8. Laura: Of course I overspent er.. I mean spent a little more to get free shipping. Oops.

    Miss Muffin: Sorry to have confused you. Nothing wrong at all with cotton for dresses! We used it a lot in Singapore in fact, because of the hot humid climate. But here when it is cool, cotton is not so good for dresses- too light and flouncy and doesn't drape or hang well on little fidgety girls. I like the heavier weight fabrics for dresses in the cooler months.

  9. maisy fabric? so cute! which one did u buy in d end? or did u get all 3? jenna must b thrilled to bits! u must show us wat u did with d fabric! has it arrived?


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