Wednesday, November 4, 2009

katybag pattern and bags in shop!

Ah, finally - I've finished the pattern for the katybags!
Please either click the "Add to Cart" button below, or in
the blog sidebar. The pattern has instructions for BOTH
the one-strap and two-strap versions, and has full-color
photos with the instructions, so I think it's a great value
for $6! As promised, the instructions are very detailed to
help those who have not worked with piping before, so
it's also sort of a piping tutorial-and-pattern in one.

Also, the five ready-made bags are finally Scotch-Garded
and listed in the shop so please stop by!

I've also made the bigger version of the katybag:

Here it is with the original katybag,
looking all mother-and-child-like.

It has the same curvy bottomed shape

and the same overdose of piping.

How is it different?
Apart from being about three times bigger, it's also
a shoulder bag i.e. a tote rather than a clutch.
The strap is also a little curvier

so it blends better with the rest of the bag.

I also put a hidden zippered pocket inside,

purse feet on the outside

and an invisible magnetic snap clasp (love those!)

- see? (Or don't see?)

I like to think of it as the katybag all grown up!
Find it in the shop, too.

I was going to make one in Orla, but I ran out of Orla!
Phooey. This bag takes a lot more fabric than the little one.

Thank you everyone for your patience while waiting for
the pattern to be ready. I hope you enjoy using it!


  1. Thank you so much! The pattern is so detailed. I can't wait to get started! Thank you for all of your incredible patterns and tutorials. You are amazing!

  2. ooooh yay! Now I just need to get my money from Photobox so I can buy the pattern and hope I can mass produce in the same way you have lol! xxx

  3. Will you be posting details or selling the pattern for the larger katybag?

  4. Lynn: I was planning to sell the larger katybag pattern as a kit - i.e. with interfacing and hardware so all you need to do is add fabric and thread and sew it up. Because I realize folks are sometimes confused about what interfacing to buy and where to get purse feet and all that. I seriously doubt if it will be ready in time for Christmas, though, with all the busyness going on. I'm sorry. I will get it done after Christma, Lord willing.

  5. That sounds great!Thanks! I might have to make the small bag in the meantime!xx

  6. These are just amazing and gorgeous! Love them!


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