Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chez Ami Sale!

Knowing that I am in great need of help shopping for fabric online, my lovely sister-in-law told me about Chez Ami's clearance sale today! Some pretty knits and twill and broadcloth type fabrics here for $2.50 a yard and $5 shipping. Remembered that many of you have asked where to buy nice printed knits. This might be worth a try. Joy, I bought stuff. Look what you made me do.


  1. Oh yeah their stuff is good. They're local to me and have seasonal sales of all their fabric and trims. The knits are nice and hefty and since they're used for manufacturing the knits are 72" wide vs. 60"

  2. LiEr! I bought some and shipped it to my brother's address (he's State-side, I'm not). Look what -you- made -me- do...


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