Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Receptacles

This is a custom order for a very old friend of mine.
I actually went shopping specifically for print fabric
since few of what I already had were particularly inspiring.
R, all these are on their way to you right now!

First, these drawstring pouches - so much fun to sew,
not the least because of all the different ways
to combine fabrics.

The piping around their bases makes them keep their
shape - there is no interfacing at all.

And they can be folded down to become fabric buckets.

Next are these purses for some young ladies
who are between 4-8 years old:

They are reversible, and have felt initials appliqued on one side:

The idea came from the very talented
Karin here, who
kindly let me take her original idea and
butcher it make
everything roundish. My first pattern was awful and I
threw everything out and made a brand new one-piece
pattern which worked a lot better. Thank you, K!

And finally some scrunchie gifts for more little girl friends:

It dawned on me sometime between the Owie Dolls and
these pouches and purses that I now have four full-time
jobs - the shop, and Emily, Jenna and Kate. Weird feeling.


  1. I had no idea that piping could make a bag hold its shape like that - fantastic! LiEr, I have no idea how you get so much done, with everything looking so gorgeous. You are amazing!

    Incidentally, we are LOVING your craft bag. It was temporarily repurposed as the toy receptacle for the flight to see my parents, and having the sides that stay up when it is open prevents toys from spilling out while being rummaged through! And I didn't even have to carry it since Emma was thrilled to wear it messenger bag style through the airport =)

  2. I've been planning to make some drawstring bags like those for holding Christmas presents - now I will have to study those pictures because you've sewn them differently (round bottom, piping) then I would have (rectangle with corners sewn into a gusset). Somehow I think having the drawstring down from the top makes it a bit fancier. (Not sure why, I just feel that way). Hoping I have indeed figured out how that's done.

    The purses are super cute! I love how they're reversible! The girls will love all that stuff I'm sure.

  3. Absolutely splendid, Lier! And the fabric choices are wonderful...and that piping, I must learn how to do that as I am not a huge fan of interfacing - thanks for the inspiration! Have a beautiful day :)

  4. Wow, your skills and ideas are simply amazing and wonderful to see. Those bag/buckets are my favorites!

  5. They all look great! Those drawstring bags are adorable.

  6. I liked these drawstring bags, they are so pretty and practical. I hope it is not difficult to sew them , I'll try :))

  7. Love love love these! Want to now make dozens of drawstring bags (but have no time)! They are gorgeous and i love how they turn down. So so nice!!!

    And you give me way too much credit on the purses. I tried making them all one piece but hated the riht angles I then had to sew and didn't think of rounding them. So clever you are!!!

  8. hehe
    i am so pleased to be the "R" in the post
    waiting eagerly for the parcel!
    they look lovely and i am sure the kids will love em!

    xx hugs

  9. LiEr! You are the queen of piping. I loooove these!

  10. 0mgosh these bags are so cute...
    i want to make one now. I've never in a thousand years would expect myself to say that, but ima do it.
    Ya'll are like on my list of people as inspiration
    Keep up the fantastic work!!!


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