Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Updates

Three things:

1 Found something else to put on my Wish List - this at least isn't a magical object. If anyone knows where to buy one, tell!

2 Found new blog that I like, thanks to a link on Angry Chicken. Loved this post. Wanted to share not only because it is so funny but for the very superior dresses the Selfish Seamstress sews. Please note how well her garments fit. It's what I've been saying. Not about the print/designer fabric - it is the fit. It doesn't hurt that her dresses are also gorgeous in and of themselves. She also recommends a drafting teacher! Blast - he is in Chicago. It will cost me less to fly home to take lessons from Auntie (plus I can stock up on wholesale bag hardware and eat myself silly on Mum's cooking).

3 Against all common sense, I went and finished the dress for Emily. It is a monstrosity, fit-wise. Oh, it looks like a dress, and is pretty enough, but it is clearly made for a different, non-Emily body. Emily screamed when I tried it on her today. So did I. This is what happens when I ignore the glaringly obvious signs to take a sabbatical from clothes-sewing. What signs, you ask? Hm, like
  • Cannot draw straight lines on paper
  • Cannot remember what an armscye looks like
  • Not sure how to read a tape measure
  • Blanking out on simple arithmetic (e.g. 24" divided by 4 = ????)
So anyway, I am hereby imposing a clothes-making sabbatical on myself. Apologies to all you folks who are waiting for sloper/drafting wisdom to turn up here sometime soon. Really, it is more merciful to children everywhere if I am stopped now. I'll be back eventually!


  1. I am guessing those scissors are different than pinking sheers? If not you can get a super duper pair of them from Gingher. I know that Amazon has them. That is what my mom used when I was little and watching her sewing.

  2. Lucy: Unfortunately, these are different from pinking shears. These trim seam allowances and notch the remaining allowance so it's great for curves. I use my pinking shears now, but oh, I want these!


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