Monday, December 28, 2009

Wallets and Pouches in Calliope - now in the shop

Some pictures of new wallets made just before Christmas.
This is Jessica Jones' bold Calliope in Spa fabric which I saw
recently and thought had to become a wallet. So far I have
been somewhat picky about what prints end up as wallets -
this lovely line and the magnificent Orla Kiely prints
earlier in the summer.

Decided I'd make coordinating pouches too.
Would've made bags and other receptacles but for the time.

Here's a set in Calliope Dirt:

These pouches make me happy to look at them.
You all know I'd be perfectly content in a world
without print fabric but every now and then one
comes along that I have to buy and experiment with.
Especially if they are on canvas.
Canvas = receptacles.

These are in the shop, so if you are needing a new wallet
for the coming year, head on over and take one home!

And because I liked this line so much, I went and stocked
up on some older Jessica Jones prints. And I bought them
online! Without even touching them! Ah, it is funny what a
year of sewing does to a person's fundamental principles -
I seem to now be cured of my online shopping aversion
and my Solids Are Superior mindset.

Speaking of aversions, I cut out three dresses for the girls
tonight. Plain batty. No drafting, though - they are just
regular old pinafores/jumpers. Fell back on the comfortable
old Trace Around An Old Dress method. I figure that
anything sleeveless without darts on small children =
can't really go wrong. I might eat my words later,
of course. I usually do. Wish me luck.


  1. they are mind-bogglingly perfect. how do you do that? are you part robot?

  2. Creative wallets costumed with pouches, love it. I've been finding a designable wallet after i found out their characteristics at Hope to get one of this soon!!! I'd love to own such a beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing...


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