Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello all!

This is just a quick reminder - two things:

First, please do NOT use photos from this blog that have my kids' faces in them. I don't usually post pictures of my kids wearing stuff I've sewn for them, just to decrease the chances of those photos ending up on other sites. Sadly, they still end up on other sites. I know some people use a photo or two without asking first, which I really don't mind, especially if they write or comment and tell me later. But when these photos have my kids' faces in them, I have had to go tell them to remove them, which is awkward for everyone.

Second, please do not copy all the photos from my tutorials (and my printable patterns!) and reconstruct them as tutorials on other sites. That's what linking back is for. Some lovely folks have written to ask if they may post my translated tutorial on their non-English sites for their readers and I've been happy to say yes. Sadly, I've also had to go tell other people to remove my content (i.e. entire tutorials reconstructed with photos and patterns) from their sites. Again, awkward for everyone.

This is probably a non-issue to the majority of readers who all practise lovely blog etiquette so I'm sorry I've had to bring this up for the handful that need this gentle reminder. If in doubt, please write me and ask. I'm usually very nice, even when I am running low on nutella.


  1. Good grief. I cannot believe people do this at all. It is totally unacceptable to use other folks stuff with out asking but your lovely children.
    Your blog is so fab I am not surprised people want to emulate it, but that does not make it right.

  2. Hello! I am very confused about this post, because I am beginning a new blog of the good ideas I see around and I posted some of your creations these last two days because I love them very much and I didn't ask your permission yet because I wanted to prepare my blog better before giving you the address... I hope I didn't offend you and I ask you now if you don't mind (there's no photos of your daughters). Besides, I am very impressed by your houses and all th crafts you do with your kids!
    So my blog is and the new one with your photos is:
    Sorry again... (I could send you a glass of Nutella in order to be vorgiven?)

  3. Sorry you had to add this information....I was just wondering for my own information for my blog, how you know if someone is taking your pictures? The thought creeps me out, especially of my kids. Thanks, and I'm a new reader, but I love your blog!

  4. What a kind reminder. Handled very efficiently. I know it must be hard to set boundaries and it seems like youve got that mastered!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog through Ucreate and love it! Thank you so much for all your great ideas and tutorials. I can't wait to make some of your fun toys for my son and daughter. :-)

    When I do, I will definitely link people back here so they can see the awesomeness of your blog and make stuff for their own kids. Having a public blog can be scary when you have children...hopefully you won't have any more problems with it.

  6. I never quite know what to do about this. I found an entire tutorial of mine translated and posted with pictures on another site. I let that one slide, because I sent the tutorial out for people to learn from.

    Yesterday I saw that someone on Flickr was favoriting photos of my girls, and sent me an e-mail saying how beautiful they were, and how old are they? ICK ICK ICK. All 6,000 of my family photos are now "private."

    Good luck! I love the projects you show, I hope people are more careful with your content in the future.


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