Saturday, February 20, 2010

Manic Sewing Update

5 skirts
2 skorts
2 dresses
1 pair shorts
1 pair overalls
1 backpack

Total = 12

Not done:
4 pairs shorts
1 dress
1 skirt (mine! mine! mine!)

Total = 6

% competed = 66.666667%


But I know you all don't like statistics as much as pictures, so here is Jenna's backpack.
Same pattern as Emily's pink one here except I was daft enough this time to try a new front pocket, which required thinking, which was against my motto* for the week.

Although I have no business taking photos when I should be finishing up that last 33.333333% by tomorrow night (after which yes, I will take some photos of all those clothes)!

*"Sew; don't think."


  1. OMG, that is b****y fantastic. You are an inspiration. Dont forget to sleep hun,x

  2. wow, I am super impressed! That backpack is really cute :) Congratulations so far, and I hope you continue to make progress on your amazing list!

  3. As we so eloquently say here in Arkansas... "Daaaang, girl!" You've been busy!!

  4. Adorable backpack! WIshing you onward to 100%.

  5. Oh your professionl finished continue to amaze me! Thanks for the statistics update but your right...can't wait to see photos!!

  6. I love seeing all your projects. I love that backpack! Piping and zippers are most intimidating for me...

  7. Very cute backpack! I can't believe you're sewing entire wardrobes this quickly, with three children underfoot no less!

  8. Get back to work!

    Just kidding. Impressive completion list and way cute backpack.

  9. What a cute backpack!
    And you are a crazy crazy lady, you know! I love that!!! :-)

  10. I LURVE the backpack!!!!! It's so nice!


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