Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whole Lotta Clothes

Some photos of the outcome of Manic Sewing Week!
I enjoyed the adrenaline rush and the feeling of being
completely bonkers throughout. Before we go any further,
let me just say that I also went out and bought vast
quantities of summer tops, like basic tees, blouses and
tank tops, for the girls. I am not that bonkers to have
my kids wear only home-made. I only sew what I cannot
find in the stores, like skorts of a modest enough length.

Here's a montage:

So a variety of skirts, dresses, skorts and basic shorts,
including some plain white ones (no photos) to wear
under the skirts. Apologies for the wonky lighting and
some funny-looking hems - I stuck them on the wall
with masking tape just to get them in some natural light.

In spite of intending them to be quick, boring and
functional, I caved and added pockets and trims.

Pockets are so much fun. Like these triangular ones
(second row of the montage), which are so apron-y.

Kate has an abundance of summer hand-me-downs
from her sisters, so I made her just one little thing -
these short-alls or bib-shorts, or overall shorts
are they called anyway?)

I haven't done enough pants-drafting to ever be satisfied
with the fit of pants I make, these overalls included.
Gathered-waist shorts in knit are so incredibly forgiving
that any random pattern shape will fit any bottom. But real
pants and real shorts, made from unstretchy fabric, are
another matter altogether. Anyone who has worn pants
will know that the back is very, very different from
the front, for two simple reasons:
  1. (and there is no way to put this delicately): buttocks
  2. people who wear pants need to sit down at some point
These differences are taken into account in many areas
of the back pattern - a longer crotch seam, a little pointy
bit at the crotch intersection, darts, the slant of the hipline, etc.

And yet, against all common sense, I went and
cut the front and the back the
I figured, well, maybe I could get away with it since
overalls are baggy anyway. Not a chance. All I will
say is never, never buy or use a pattern (for fitted pants,
I mean) that has the same front and back piece. Don't
even think it. The outcome will be so hideous you will
want to rip a hole in the back of your awful pants just
so you can sit down. And then pray you never have
to squat or bend to pick up a pacifier - more merciful
to take your shoes and socks off and use your toes. Really.

Kate, though, loves her overalls, the sweet, forgiving child.

And finally, my own skirt!
Isn't it astounding how absolutely plain it is?
Not a single square inch of print. Ha!

Just good old plain denim-colored corduroy with sable
embroidery floss (yes! I used it! I had nothing else in the
house!) along the pockets, waistband and hem.

I am loving the fit. I am particularly pleased
with how it hides the bulgy bits!

I can see myself wearing this a lot - with Tshirts and
henleys and fancy white button-down shirts in the summer.
And leggings and boots in the fall.


  1. Ooooo! I love your skirt and hope you do a tutorial really, really soon!!! This is exactly what I've been looking for!!! Awesome and so stylish - good job!

  2. I really love all the fun summer clothes. I especially am fond of your skirt that you made for yourself. Did you use a pattern or draft it yourself? I'd love to sew one like that for myself.

  3. I love your clothes, you have been so busy it's unbelievable! I've just ordered a bunch of fabric to make stuff for my kids so waiting for postman to arrive, just hope he brings skill and inspiration with him too!

  4. What a lovely clothes you have made in manic sew week..... I especially love you overall... I think I going to make one for my son this summer

  5. Wow that was an amazing spread! I'm truly amazed by your talent!

  6. I love all that you've made. All the kids stuff is lovely, but I think your own skirt is my favourite. I think it would be such a useful thing to own.

  7. I have been following for a little while and I am amazed and inspired by your work. I have four teen agers and a toddler. I just don't know how you do it! You are so talented.

  8. beautiful, great work! Your skirt with the hand stitched details is fabulous!

  9. Your skirt looks fabulous! And all the kids' clothes are darling. I especially like those triangular pockets, definitely something I would love how to put into skirts.

    Congratulations on getting all of this done, I am in awe =)

  10. L, don't even know what to say. Wrong pattern pieces or not, Kate is ADORABLE in those 'ralls, the rest of the kids stuff is all fantastic, and your skirt looks wonderful in every way. Love how you added the stitching detail.

  11. You have been very productive, I'm impressed. I think you made some very fun summer clothes, cute! Kate looks adorable in her new trousers.

  12. Your skirt doesn't look boring at all. And it looks great on you!

  13. Your hidden triangle pockets are genius! I love them. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea for my 3yr old's summer skirt cache.

  14. Wow! Simply sweet, beautiful and great fit on the skirt! PS...I see some chez, too.

  15. Everything turned out AWESOME! I love your skirt the best! And you look great! (The only other picture I have seen of you was in a maternity dress!) I think we would ALL love a tutorial on your skirt, though! Great job!!!

  16. lovely. i love the fun colors and prints you've used. and your skirt is beautiful.

    i need to tackle "the skort" for my daughter. any book recomendations on learning the art of pattern drafting? a college course is not an option for me right now.

  17. Those clothes are awesome! And I totally love your skirt! GREAT! The stitching looks really cool - what a great idea! I will have to keep that in mind ...

  18. Whaddya mean you don't want your kids to wear the sort of clothes you find on Bratz dolls? Isn't that like, un-American or something :-) ?

    Great stuff. Love the skirt.

  19. Please do a tutorial for your skirt!! I am sewing like a feind for my daughters (thank you for the jumper patterns!!!) and my husband wants to know when I am going to sew something for myself. I told him "I'm a mom. When do I have time for myself?" But your skirt just may inspire me to carve out the time! I love your blog and the info on drafting. Keep up the great work!


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