Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You changed my mind

Last November, I made a batch of Owie Dolls, all of whom
went to good homes. In response to inquiries and requests,
I promised I would be making a new batch this year, by
custom order. As with all toy experiments, I like to
observe the girls (my toy lab subjects) in play and
include their feedback in future versions. The girls, I
am happy to report, love their dolls. But they had this to
say, "Mom, we have to pack blankets and pillows and
mattresses for them when we take them with
us to grandma's house."

True. It seems that in the process of providing them with all
the first-aid stuff I could think of, I failed to give them the
most basic necessity for convalescence -
a place to lay their heads.

This is a sleeping bag so the dolls can rest on the go.
It is lightly padded, fully lined, has no exposed seams,
unzips flat

and rolls up neat so it can go in the
storage bag with the other stuff.

If you already own an Owie Doll and would like a
sleeping bag (or if you want one just because),

let me know by email and I can get one
ala carte ($15) to you, too.

Way back then I wasn't planning on releasing the
pattern for the dolls - mostly because I didn't feel up
to taking all those step-by-step photos. But you wrote
and emailed and asked ever so nicely, and guess what -
you changed my mind. Check it out:

It's not quite finished but I am going to say that
by next week sometime, fingers crossed, it will be
on sale. And I'll tell you more about it then. Although -
if you're curious, yes, it includes EVERYTHING.

maybe how to find a good home for them.

But I think you already knew that ;)


  1. So excited about this pattern release - Your such an amazing woman!
    and what a great idea of the sleeping bag - thank goodness for your product testers and reviewers (aka children) they are right on the mark with their feedback :)

  2. This is adorable! I'm looking forward to the pattern. My husband is in med school and you can usually find my little girl playing doctor. I have actually been on a hunt for material that velcro sticks to but haven't had much luck, any suggestions for where to look?

  3. Oh wow, I am SO EXCITED that you made a pattern for these!!! I know where my craft budget is going this month =)

    And I love the sleeping bags - perfect addition to the set! Now to find the perfect velour fabric...

  4. I am actually coming out of lurker status to tell you I am so excited for the pattern! Your projects are amazing.

  5. YAHOO! I am so excited about your pattern - I look forward to its release. The dolls are adorable, and I only hope I can do the pattern justice!

  6. Oh thank you, THANK YOU! I just took you at your word that you wouldn't put out a pattern. I am so very glad all those other people were smart enough to ask you.Because I am seriously tired of playing doctor with Belle and Cinderella. Oh, and my daughter, too, you know.

  7. so very cute! I remember seeing the dolls, what a great idea. and the sleeping bags are way fun! :)

  8. YAY!! I am so excited. I don't know that I will do this craft, but I will let the other sewing moms I know in on the availability of the pattern.

  9. THANK YOU!!

    Ladies the fabric can be found at

  10. Thanks for the interest, all! I'll tell more about the fabric in a later post but yes, you can get a similar fabric at joggles - it is not the same as what I use - theirs is a bit shiny and much thinner and stickier, but it works, yes. There's another online place I had much better good customer service at that I'll tell you about too, in that post.

  11. Ooooh.... I was just wondering if you had a pattern. I work in the medical field, and have two grandsons. I want a pattern.

  12. Woo hoo! I've been prowling around your blog for a while but never have left a comment. I have not been able to get these out of my head since I first saw them, but I know I would be dissatisfied with my attempts. Thanks you so much for sharting your pattern! Ready to start fabric hunting ... :)

  13. Awesome!! So exciting -- can't wait to see the pattern when it's finished! : )

  14. I must have this! Cannot wait for the pattern release - and very timely as I'm having surgery next week and my four little ones are fascinated with playing doctor right now. Thanks for changing your mind!

  15. Ohhh! So excited, it might have to be my first attempt at toy making - I am sooooo needing and Owie doll, and my 3 year old MIGHT get to play with it too. THANK YOU!

  16. yeah!!!!!!! I love these dolls they are so super cute! and my husband is about to graduate med school and start working in an ER. I think it would be great for him to always have a few on hand to hand out to kids who might make their way into the to find the time to sew some up...

  17. Wonderful! Fabulous! I need that pattern. I'm so excited!


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