Sunday, March 28, 2010


To market, to market, to buy a fat pig
Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.
And then a new litter bring forth in the spring
Shalt she, the new mother of sweet little things!

Bit of self-disclosure now: my absolute favorite animal
is the pig. There is something innately charming about
their geometrically simple body shape and piggish snout.
(Wearily) Yes, thank you for pointing out that they are pink,
but how many animals do you know that can be caricatured
by a circle? Eh? Round is supreme. Shape trumps color.
And if you've ever watched Babe (or read Dick King-Smith's
The Sheep Pig, from which the movie was adapted), you'll
know that pigs are smart. They roll in brown mud to cover
their pinkness. Haven't you heard? Brown is the new black.
Even pigs know that.

But back to the farm thing.

Meet our sow!

She has a new litter of piglets who look just like her

Seven* of them

including the spunky little runt.

She gave birth to them in the spring by C-section

and already their appetites are insatiable.

They drive her crazy,

but she's a mom, so she puts up with it,
because it's what moms do.

More than twenty years ago, my brother made me a
present of a perfectly round orange pig, with a zipper
in its belly, enclosing little round miniature piglets.
I think it was then that I remembered how to be a child
again. I still have that pig today - her name is Pig -
and she was my inspiration for this sow (although Pig
wasn't a nurser). I thought that, since I'd done those
oviparous chickens, I should do a viviparous pig.
And throw in lactating as well.
Might as well give the kids the full story.

Kate turns two this week, so BigPig and
her family were her birthday gift.

Kate immediately sat on her (of course)
and called her Humpty Dumpty.

We also plan to use her as an ottoman sometime.

*There are only six piglets in the photos

Because one of them is going to a new home!

So many of you were on the right track in your guesses,
and a few of you came really close to the full picture!
So I picked the commenter who said it first -
congratulations to Angie (commenter #15 on Day #2),
who wrote:

okay, so those do have to be little b***** n****** and it
does have to be a pig to go with your chicken. this
zipper is it's backside where the little baby piglets
are born from and i bet they will have little velcro-y
snouts to stick to their mommy's n******. oh, i do hope
it's a pig! i grew up next door to my grandpa and
his pig farm and i helped him with the pigs every day...
i love pigs (especially the sweet little piglets) and
have always had a hard time eating pork. :)

Angie: I love pigs so completely that I eat them
on a regular basis. And chickens, too. And cows.
Shoot me an email with your name and postal
address and I'll ship Piglet to you!

Thank you all for playing along - you are such good
sports! I've gotta say, though, that some of your guesses
made me blush! Those little fleece circles with velcro centers
were piglet snouts.



More livestock coming up, but not quite so soon.


  1. OH my HECK! Please please please tell me you are going to be sharing a pattern of this darling pig with the whole wide world because pigs are my absolute favourite and I'd die to make one of these for myself. Like you I can look past the fact that they are pink...actually, my aunte had one that was black and white, so they aren't all pink. This is so adorable I can't get over it.

  2. Should have guessed they were pig bits! you used to be mad about pigs at one stage if i remember ...


  3. I just created a new folder among my bookmarks labeled "wow." This creation is my first entry. Because wow. Wow. WOW! Beautiful, charming, clever, fun, wow!

    Kate is one lucky two-year-old!

  4. Seriously the coolest softie I have seen...ever!!!

  5. Ms. Pig looks fantastic! I'd love one of these, for my kids of course. :)

  6. So Cute!!! Please share the pattern.

  7. Wow, I am not even a piggy fan and they are so gorgeous!!
    Do you ever make anything ugly?!!? hehe :)

    ohh and LOL I still say nipples! I asked hubby sitting next to me and he said with a funny "wtf?" face.. "eeer nipples" hehe

    You are awesome! You family is very lucky! :)

  8. OMG they turned out so darling! This is one I definitely want the pattern for! My nephews would love having pigs and chickens that have babies.

  9. SUPER! They look so sweet... please share the fabulous pattern!

  10. OK, I loved the chicken, and after I make some desperately needed clothes, I'm going to get the pattern. But, I DOUBLE love the pig! Do you suppose you will be selling a pattern? ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

  11. So cute! My brother had a little dog with puppies that he got around his second birthday, and I was always jealous of it. It wasn't large enough to sit on, though. I never would have thought of the lactating part, but that definitely adds to the fun!

  12. And, Happy Birthday to Kate, can't believe she's already two!!!

  13. These. Are. Gorgeous. Awesome. Wonderful. Super creative. Stupendous. Need I say more?

  14. Pattern??? Oh please, oh please, oh please say that there is a pattern coming.... Oh please.... :)
    You are so wonderfully creative. LOVE the chicken and pig. We live on a small family farm with chickens, ducks, dairy goats, and all sorts of critters. LOVE that you are doing some farm animals!!

  15. Ahaha! I never would have guessed that! Those are adorable!

    Congrats to the winner! :)

  16. BigPig sure is huge! :) Guess I really was reading your mind when I commented about Pig in your chicken post. Didn't comment in your giveaway post because I had an unfair advantage, having personally met and played with Pig all those years back. :)

  17. That is so CUTE!!!! I have to agree WOW! Now how about a bunny purse so I can be somewhat right?

  18. Oh, I am SO glad it is a pig! My daughter is obsessed with pigs and has been for years. I do so hope you will have a pattern because I would make one for her in a heartbeat. And nursing pigs to boot. She would just keel over with happiness.

    And I think I need a "Wow" folder, too. This will be the first thing I put in there. I seriously love everything you make.

  19. This was so fun! Let's do it again....

  20. Oh please post the pattern!! I have a secret love affair with anything pig.

  21. so cute! i have entirely too many stuffies around here...but i am thinking we might need about 7 more... :)

  22. OH! So cute it hurts, LiEr. You kill me. With cuteness. Every single time.
    PS Welcome home!

  23. Oh, I love them sooo much! I have a two year that definitely needs those. Please, please, please post a tutorial!

  24. o.m.g. they are CUTE!!!!!!!
    LOL and I thought they were B----ts with N----es...... pigs! of course!

  25. ack! you lways make me happy. great stuff. so cute.

  26. Ha! Yes, snouts. I see that now. But you have to admit...

    Fabulous pig! I'm sure she is loved ever so much.

  27. I adore these little critters! Believe it or not it has only been in the past month that I saw Babe for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it! What a sweet gift! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  28. That has to be the cutest pig I have ever seen. My one niece would love them (pigs are her fav animal) and I hope you post the pattern, as I would love to try and make them for her for her b-day in June.

  29. I purchased you pattern on Wed night. It is lovely! I made it on Thursday! I am adoring all the little piglets. they are wonderful. my 3 year old loves them as well. She has been asking for a pet pig... for a long time. When I saw your Pig I had to get it. I think I am addicted to making the little piglets.. I did run out of stuffing for the mamma so I am off to go and get some. thanks so much. I will blog about it and link it back to your page. Next I think I need to purchase your chicken pattern...
    thank you.

  30. Those pigs are just so wonderful! I've bought your pattern but I have one problem: where to buy pink velcro?! I live in the UK and have never seen it in the shops before. Do you know any online suppliers?

  31. @Alix
    Alix, I didn't see your email address, so I'm hoping you subscribed to the comments and will see this reply here.

    You could try etsy. Google "pink velcro" and see what comes up. Here's one:

    Good luck!

  32. I'm speachless.... It is so beautiful!
    And, happy birthday to Kate!

  33. I have my neighbour visiting and she's fallen in love with your piggies! Hugs Naomi

  34. do you have a pattern for these?? My daughters absolute favourite animal is the pig! and this would make her little 2.5yr old heart squeeee if she opened this up for Christmas!!

  35. quero muito o molde..obrigada bjs

  36. bellos ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ como puedo comprar el patron????

  37. como puedo comprar e patron , estan bellos los puerquitos

  38. aww they are so cute I would LOVE to give one to my friend who is crazy about pigs she has one as a pet!! is there any place i could get her one

  39. Pattern please? Piggy PLEASE!!! My grandson is crazy about piggies, his favourite farm animal. I'd love to make him one. Thank you in anticipation.... ^Q^

    1. Anne, you can buy the pattern here:

      and read up on the pattern info in this post here:

  40. Gostaria muito de receber o padrão desta linda porquinha.Meu email é

    1. Chris, you can buy the pattern here:

      and read up on the pattern info in this post here:

  41. Adorei a porquinha,gostaria imensamente de recebê-la no meu email

  42. Loved the Pig!! Love, love, love Pig!! Please mold / tutorial piglet and puppies in my mail! Grateful!
    Thyrza (

  43. I love pigs! And your pigs are the best looking sewed pigs i have ever seen
    Go job

  44. amiga me apaixonei pelo seus porcos....voçe não dava ou vender os modelos....iria fazer pro meu neto ele adorou... meu imail agradeceria muito abraço

  45. Me apaixonei pela porquinha. Será que você podia me passar por email os moldes obrigada

  46. Amazing !!! Such a great idea for a pig =) Wanna sew it too !

  47. Son geniales y muy bonitos. Enhorabuena!!!
    Como podria conseguir los patrones?

    1. Leonor Ballon: you can get the pattern here (scroll down to find the pig pattern):

  48. Hi, do you have the free pattern of the pig please ? it's so nice ! thank you

    1. Anonymous: you can buy the pattern here:

    2. Son verdaderamente hermosos,son como si fueran de verdad

  49. Can I ask what you filled the mother pig with please?

    1. Unknown: I filled the mother pig with polyfil stuffing, which is commonly found in craft and fabric stores and also department stores with craft sections, like Walmart.


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