Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I Got To Bring Home (and a Little Bit of Smocking))


and more batik

ikat (of course)

drawstring cord by the rolls

and lots of bag hardware and notions
that I'm too embarrassed to photograph

like these zippers, which we can buy in bulk,
(and which I sorta did).

But the nicest stuff I got to bring home were gifts
from mum, like her stash of lovely vintage cotton lace

and old, old children's clothing catalogs left to her by grandma

and a part of another old, old catalog of vintage clothes and dolls

that includes fabulous inspiration sections on embroidery,
some of which I remember doing as a child,

and smocking.

Speaking of smocking,
here's my first practice piece on gingham
(the tension needs a lot of work)

and Auntie Laura's gorgeous sampler on dots.
Check out those upside down hearts in the bottom row!

Coming up are photos of mum's free-motion embroidery work,
including The Tablecloth, and a tutorial from Dad!


  1. Those childrens catalogs are gorgeous!! Some of the designs in there are just so classic and beautiful! Well done on your smocking, it looks complicated yet amazing!.

  2. What a haul! Can't wait for the posts to follow! What are the plans for all that drawstring cord? piping?

  3. Oooh, I'm loveing all of these pictures. Especially the smocking. Can't wait to see the table cloth!

  4. I'm drooling! What a great vacation!

  5. what a haul! that cotton lace! and the vintage catalogs. who can resist a "vegetable delegate?"

  6. What fun! Waiting for more :)

  7. wow! What a stash? I envy you! Leaving a comment on your post for the first time but have been "nosey for some time now!
    Love the smocking pages and looking forward to seeing what you are up to since just rediscovered my smoking skills after almost a decade!

  8. oooh lala... love the vintage lace *drool drool*

  9. Hi L, where did you buy your bag hardware & notions from ? People's Park in Chinatown ?

  10. Hi Theresa! Good to have met up with you in Singapore! No, alas, I didn't have the time this trip to go anywhere near People's Park. Grrrrrr. Next time. I went shopping in Textile Centre in Jln Sultan (Beach Road-ish area). Haberdashery in bulk for sale there. I make a pilgrimage there every time I am in town. But also because I have to make a trip to ICA (10 mins' walk away) on passport/citizenship business for at least one of the kids each time we're in S!

  11. Gorgeous fabric, and I have NEVER seen smocking like your Auntie Laura's - absolutely amazing!

  12. Do you happen to have any 1940's or 1950's Best & Co. children's catalogs?
    I've been looking for ages...thanks. Martine


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