Friday, September 3, 2010

Ruby and Shimmer - Finished


You all asked for photos, so here they are!

My parents-in-law celebrated their 40th (ruby) wedding
anniversary last weekend. It was a fun party. My mother-
in-law asked me to sew her a blouse for the event, so I did.
We didn't get many pictures of her wearing it, indoors
or out, but here's one of her (third from the left) with
my father-in-law on her left (I was not asked to sew
any part of his outfit). The other couple are dear
family friends (I don't know where
they got their clothes).

My mother-in-law is a classy lady,
so I gave her some embroidery on the cuffs

and collar.

I was tempted to also embroider the button placket
but Mum (my mother) said "no, that's too much."
And she was right.

It was a very good learning experience, drafting for
another female adult. It took numerous fittings simply
because I was so inept (and nervous) in the beginning -
I always find it slightly awkward to take another
person's measurements who isn't my child.

My favorite part of this blouse is the back - the fit is
very, very nice - it sits just right. Unfortunately, my
mother-in-law never poses with her friends, with
her back to the camera, so you will have to
take my word for it.


  1. This shirt is beautiful! I love all the stitched details.

  2. You are BRAVE to sew something serious for anyone outside your family! And it turned out beautifully, too. I love that embroidery - subtle and so elegant.

    I'm inching into sewing dresses for my little girl and I'm wondering if this will result in the sewing-the-prom-dress debacle when she's a teen. I've heard so many of these stories - the hard to please daughter, the exasperated mother working under pressure. Gag. I guess what I'm trying to say is I think it's easy to sew for myself and my little kids, relative to sewing for a mother in law or a teenage daughter :)

  3. I LOVE the embroidery on this! Happy Ruby anniversary to your in-laws!

  4. Lier, it's beautiful to mark a very special occasion. I love hearing about couples celebrating nearly half a century together.
    PS any chocolate involved?

  5. Oh my, that is awesome! I so love the embroidery! Beautiful!!!

  6. Very very nice!! And what beautifull color! ;-)


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