Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Back from a hectic weekend to a home full of houseguests. Yesterday I only got to sit down at about 930pm. Literally. The husband and I looked at each other and asked ourselves, "what was that?" It felt as if our day was a black hole - it happened but we had no recollection of it. I'm getting some snippets of memory back today - I remember going to some kind of preconference with Jenna at her preschool, promising some mother a playdate (who was it? who was it?), buying bread, picking up an immunization form, baking cookies, laundering sheets, replacing sheets, turning out closets, throwing out ALL our cardboard structures (wail!), throwing something meat-ish in the crock pot, spraying OFF on children's (hopefully mine, in faith), running baths, drawing something for someone to color, wiping up a red spot of something on the kitchen floor. I hope it wasn't blood. I think it was melted popsicle. Please let it have been melted popsicle.

A normal-sounding day for a lot of you fabulous multitasking moms and dads out there. But sort of a crazy day for us unused to this sort of discombobulation. Still, we are enjoying our houseguests very much, so it is a very good tradeoff!

But anyway, just wanted to shove my nose in here, between drafting posts to say hi and sorry that all your emails and comments and requests and packages of gifts and packages arrived and fell right into our black hole as well. I got them all, and I am slowly getting sifting through everything.

And then my lovely friend
Jen sent an email to say her drafting post was all ready to go. Lifesaver! At least the blog will go on, even if the rest of life is stuck in the slow lane. LiEr signing off now and heading to the closet for nutella and tea. Go read Jen's post!


  1. You threw out all of the cardboard? Was there a problem with it, or was it just time to go?

  2. Anna: It was a home organization decision. We had more cardboard stuff in the house than real furniture. However we are going to stash the cardboard playhouse in the attic for now. I am telling myself, "The fun is really in the making, not in the keeping."

    The unfortunate thing about corrugated cardboard is that it is so strong. I had to actually hack apart the cardboard oven to salvage the hardware before tossing it out. None of the other 3D structures would collapse, either.

  3. Made me laugh!
    Life is crazy sometimes, isn't it.

    For me a cup of tea always makes it better! (I am trying to stay away from Nutella as much as I can. If I would start using that ... well, I would never get off it again ...)


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