Monday, November 1, 2010

Excuse Me While I Zone Out

We had a fun weekend - Jenna's birthday, followed by candy-harvesting around the neighborhood. Now I'm slowly checking things off my List Of Things To Do After Jenna's Birthday, like fun making-dental-and-flu-shots-appointments, fun laundry, fun cleaning-the-whole-kitchen, fun cleaning-the-sewing-table, those kinds of things. And answering email, etsy duties, working on the Fungus Sewing Pattern.

But first, I get to drink tea. That's my cup half-full :)

I leave you with one picture of how the Rapunzel party went:

Photos to come.


  1. Reading your Rapunzel post made me laugh. My daughter also has her birthdays planned until "Birthday Bash" 2017. Oh and her Halloween costumes are also all planned out. So last week when someone would ask her what are you going to be for Halloween? She would say, "Well first I am going to be Ariel and then I will be..."

  2. I was thinking of you this weekend - how crazy busy you must have been - and being thankful it wasn't me (I wasn't feeling 100%). Sounds like you're set up for some fun times. I'm experiencing fun-moving-everything-off-the-carpet-areas and fun-washing-walls (new carpets coming this week!).

  3. Take your time! I know how it is to need that zone out time. Did you do that fabulous little drawing?!

  4. Hope you enjoy all the "fun" stuff! :-)
    I usually kinda love the excitement of things like parties and such ... but with kids it does feel good to be able to get back into a rhythm, too. To me at least ...

    Loving your picture! You draw really well!

  5. Tea always comes first LOL! I just wanted to say that I love your blog!! I think you are super-mom! Kudos to you for all the wonderful things you come up with:)I just downloaded your Katybag pattern. I am going to make one for my each of my girls for Xmas...they will love them! Thanks!

  6. So ... I am just wondering ... Do you ever sleep? I was in Costco yesterday and noticed a lady collecting all the pallet sized cardboard that sits between the large cans. I thought of you and your inspirational creations.

  7. SMDAZ: Amazingly, I do sleep! Unhappily, it's the kids that don't. Naps, I mean.
    And WHO is this lady swiping all the Costco cardboard that is rightly MINE?


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