Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick Day Crafts

Actually, we were sick last week. I say "actually" because life went on as if we weren't. We caught one of those bugs that made us suddenly and violently ill overnight, and then left us by the morning. A phenomenal amount of laundry in its wake, along with children who were too sick for school but too well to nap all day long.

So we watched movies, lounged in pyjamas and - when the kids got very, very, very bored - we made some stuff.

Fabulously clear and focused picture that reveals absolutely nothing:

Ah - slightly better:

Here be crowns.

Cardboard wrapped in foil and decorated with permanent markers. I let the kids use my Sharpie collection when they are less animated than usual.

We also made scepters

which were polystyrene balls stuck on dowels and wrapped in more foil.

Some of us added gems.

Some of us didn't.

But everyone got to play Empress Dowager later that day and order everyone else around.

We're all mended now, though.


  1. Glad everybody is recovered. It's strep season here where I live. It's spreading like fire. We got our share already.

  2. How do you separate your kids (and yourself) from all these gorgeous goodies that you make from cardboard?

  3. I'm glad everyone is better! And, you may have solved my birthday crown dilemma...

  4. ah, now I know when to whip out my permanent marker collection (is it a law that teachers MUST have good permanent markers??!).

    Glad you recovered.

  5. I used an apple


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