Monday, February 21, 2011

Buckets from 2008's Leftovers

Two years ago I made a lot of fabric buckets. I cut out so many pieces and so quickly lost interest that they sat in my WIPs tubs till now. I was in a Get Off Your Behind And Finish Your Old Stuff Already phase in January, so I took them out to try and sew them up.

Without the stitched art, they weren't very interesting, so I thought I'd give them some edginess with reverse applique

but those fabrics!!!!!!!! I should've left them in 2008.

So I kept the reverse applique, traded the old fabric for new,

 and threw in a bit of regular applique for variety.


Finished off with something for the kids:

And emptied out that WIP tub.

Feels good to finish something, even if it had to be overhauled, two years later.

P.S. Reverse applique tutorial coming up. This post was written a whole month ago along with quite a few others, so I'm just catching up with the backlog and hitting "publish" one by one. 


  1. Okay. Great. Now I have to go buy those owls. I've been lusting after that Ann Kelle owl fabric for ages. I don't know how many times I've looked at it, both on and searching for it on etsy. I've resisted thus far, but now you've made me desire it again. Just this morning my husband made a rare appearance in my sewing room. His only comment? "You have too much fabric. It's everywhere." Duh, Honey, what do you think I sew with? Noodles? Anyway, can one really have too much fabric? The jury is still out!

  2. Lovely! You have been busy. Your reverse applique is brilliant x

  3. So cute!!! LOVE the Maisy bucket, the apple and the little birdie. Oh my gosh, they're adorable. I know they'll get lots of use, we love our cloth bucket you made us -- holds a LOT of kid's books and travels around the house from family room to playroom, to the girls' rooms! : )

  4. That Maisy fabric is just the cutest. I work at a fabric store where we sell that one. It calls to me, but I haven't had a project for it yet.
    These buckets are terrific! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. oh! oh! oh! where'd you get that maisy fabric?! it's incredibly super!

  6. Sarah: I got mine from late 2009. But they don't have it now. I've seen some on ebay and etsy, though.

  7. What cute little buckets - loving the Maisy :)

  8. Great little buckets! Can't wait to see the tute for the reverse applique!

  9. ADORABLE!!! And I have some random canvas that my husband bought. I want to make some of your useful, cute little buckets. Did you stiffen them or interline them or is it just 2 layers of canvas? I can see all kinds of useful applications here. Even coralling socks and undies in dresser drawers. forget thrifting for baskets if I learn how to make these!

  10. Lovely, I think I'm gonna try :)

  11. Those buckets are fabulous. I'm also curious to hear what size they are. And to learn your reverse applique technique!


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