Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate The Boy

Do you sew for boys?
Do you wish there were more ideas out there for sewing for boys?
Do you complain about the dearth of fabrics for sewing for boys?
Do you have trouble finding patterns for sewing for boys?

My answer to all of the above is actually "No", but that's because I have three girls. And they keep me busy enough.

But those of you who answered "Yes! For the love of all things non-floral, yes!" will rejoice to know that last year's fabulous resource-and-inspiration-aganza for boys is back! 

Hurrah! Beginning today, Rae and Dana are hosting a whole month of boy-focused projects, resources and inspiration! There will be guests! There will be clothes! There will be toys! There will be reason to cheer! Click on the button below to go to the archives of Celebrate The Boy 2010, if you'd like to see more.

Remember this?

I was there last year and I loved it! 

And, in spite of still being rather overly-focused on girl sewing, I'll be there again, with these:

Two clues:
  1. It's something to wear
  2. It's unisex -
so that I can keep celebrating the girls in my world along with the boys in yours.

P.S. Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful, helpful, springboardy comments to my last post! You all far, far exceeded my expectations of ideas and thought-sharing and I am so glad. I'm taking my time to sort through and classify all those fun possibilities for curricula (yay!) and Make Plans For The Year. Will post again about it! 


  1. Woo Hoo!!! I have been looking forward to this! Im glad you will be there!

  2. How funny. I logged on to comment on your curricula dilemna. My (admittedly somewhat selfish) suggestion was to "get pregnant & birth a boy so you can teach wonderful basics on scaling jon-jon sizing and how to make the collar to go on a classic shirt-buttoned-to-shorts suit."
    Perhaps my suggestion was a bit more than you were asking for? At any rate, I enjoy your blog immensely and have insisted that my mother & aunt read also. My aunt makes herself feel better about how much you accomplish by swearing your children must subsist on Domino's and McDonalds. I assured her she was sorely mistaken - it's Nutella. Cheers!

  3. Thank you so much for pointing this great blog out! Since I have had a grandson I've noticed a lack of cool boy patterns (I sewed primarily for girls). I'm excited to make some of thes things for Colt!

  4. I love all that yellow! I feel an unveiling of the "potholder pocket" may be coming soon! Can't wait.

  5. oh, good news. Thank you.

    I am mostly inspired for my little boy when I look at vintage sewing patterns or books that Shirley Hughes illustrated. I'm planning to make my son a brown seersucker shorts suit to wear to a wedding and then church throughout the heat. I'm excited, but also, I hope he looks as cool in real life as I imagine it!

  6. Hi LiEr - I am Kate, saying hello from the hot sunny windy shores of Cape Town. I love those boy pants and made 2 pairs! I was so proud of myself for making an actual wearable decent-looking garment, so thank you! (Now we just need some cold weather so the little guy can wear them.) My littles are 5, 4 and 2 so there's always something for us on ikatbag. My 4 year old helped me sew a snake like your felt one and he loves it.
    Love your blog! :-)

  7. Yay, loved the whole month last year and so glad you are participating again this year! I sew for my 6 1/2 year old son a lot, and I have even had him help me (nothing like slipping a little measuring math in there, especially when the project is a Jedi knight Halloween costume.) I just recently went all out and made him a fully tailored shirt -- like a miniature dress shirt with bias yoke, stand collar and everything.


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