Monday, February 28, 2011

Computers Are Not My Friends

Short post to say that if it isn't Internet Explorer sending me to an early grave, it's some other lovely computer thing. 

Ever since I switched to this new blogger template, formatting posts and uploading stuff have become somewhat of a nightmare. A huge part of it is me having no IT-genes at all, but at least in the old template, I could twiddle with the html stuff a bit and make it work. Anyway, some folks have written in to say the shortalls pattern refused to manifest in its correct size. I don't know how to make my computer do what you (or I) want anymore, so I've turned it into a pdf file and logged in to some random file-sharing program so you can download it directly there

I also updated the original tutorial post and removed the pretty clickable visuals that were causing you (and therefore me) grief. In their place, you now get to click on some text and then you download the pdf file. It will take you to a geeky-looking page, but don't be frightened:

Just obey that button that says "Click Here To Begin Download" and it will download. I hope that works. If that doesn't print in the correct size, I surrender.


  1. Have you tried using Google Chrome, it's a lot easier to use (and more secure against viruses, etc.) than Internet Explorer. It also has extensions for Blogger so that you can publish things with just one click. And a lot of Apps that you can use from the browser.(no, I don't work for Google :P) You can download it here
    I hope this helps :)

  2. Hi Artimide, thanks for the suggestions. No, I actually don't use IE - I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out than go anywhere near it- it's just that I have had to work on other people's download issues who do use IE. I use Firefox and Safari and they are lovely (well, sometimes Safari isn't, but it's so occasionally that I don't sweat it). If ever those two conk out on me, I'll switch to Chrome. I've heard good stuff about that too. So I appreciate the tip!

  3. You are a saint to go to all this trouble! I'm with you on avoiding IE at all costs.

  4. I never use IE, I am a chrome man.


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