Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm giving away my sewing patterns on No Big Dill!

Attention book lovers! 

Once in a blue moon, I find something on someone's blog that so grabs me that I have to tell everyone about it. I don't take the time to surf the net a lot, and my usual way of discovering (and accidentally losing) new blogs is through a link-to-a-link-to-a-link. Last week, using this exact ingenious method, I found, for the first time, Katy's blog, No Big Dill! Gorgeous in itself. And then Katy announced a very, very exciting new and brilliant feature that she's doing in the month of March:

It's sewing inspired by books! 

I wanted so much to share in it that emailed Katy and begged her to let me share some book-related stuff. Yes, begged her. Oh I have no shame. But don't you love the idea of books inspiring making? When we have little ones in our lives, those two things just go together, don't they? So many of the things I design and make were conceived in stories from my childhood. Today I'm excited and honored to jump-start Once Upon A Thread by sharing a roundup of some of these projects on Katy's blog. You, my regular readers, will find them very familiar!

But wait - there's more! I'm also giving away three of my sewing patterns that were inspired by books - the egg-laying Chicken, the lactating Pig, and the Toadstool House/Fairies. If you'd like to win one, go over to the post and leave a comment for Katy!

And go back in March for lots and lots of features and guest posts by incredibly talented book-lovers and seamstresses. Be inspired, and share your inspiration!


  1. I was so excited to see you on Katy's cool that two of my favorites are working together?!? I hope I win!

  2. Ooh a new blog to read instead of doing housework! Maybe I'll try my chances at winning the chicken pattern ;)

  3. Completely agree with Chris. When I saw Katy's post, I thought you would be a perfect contributer (you being Enid Blyton with a stitch ripper and all that ).

  4. :D I love the mushrooms! That is just too cute!


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