Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brain Dead Update

Just sneaking in a post between posts to say hi and that I'm cheating and autoposting this (and, hopefully, next) week. This way I get to neglect the computer, the camera and the sewing machine and actually have a life outdoors. Yay! It was an uncommonly gorgeous day today so we went to the zoo. We live 10 mins from the zoo so we like to make spontaneous trips just to see a few baby goats, piglets and eat ice cream. 

It also means that hours may go by before your comments get published. Or maybe not, since it's supposed to snow tomorrow so we're stuck indoors again. Really, the weather in these parts is something else. 

Unrelated, I was on the phone with Mum last week and I told her about revisiting those outfits from my past teenhood. She doesn't read my craft blog (probably because she'd much rather see photos of her grandkids actually doing stuff other than modeling clothes) so I sometimes just tell her about a project or two I'd finished that she might find interesting. We had an animated conversation about how her relentless hounding of me to unpick ugly sewing years ago has actually been rather good training for me now. 

"Yes," laughed Mum, remembering. Then, matter-of-factly: "I remember that you were always trying to escape (doing it right)." 

Indeed. My favorite response to her firm corrections was, "But I don't care if it looks bad! I'll still wear it!" Good heavens. The shame my mother had to endure in public, walking beside me wearing Outfits Only A Mother Could Love. My girls are going to do this to me someday, you know. Yes, they are. It's retribution. 


  1. i can relate to what you are trying to say. I used to so fidgety when it comes to unpicking seams and insisted on wearing this which were not sewn perfect! Times have changed and i now look for perfection in what i sew, even the wrong side of the dress! Phew! life comes a full circle ... doesn't it?

  2. Hooray for cheating! (At least for the auto-posting kind) Hope you are having a marvelous time outdoors!

  3. Haha! I love the conversation you had with your mum. This is definitely something my mom would say to me.

  4. I had to back off with my DD because I didn't want to discourage her creativity and passion for design. (though she knew full well what I was thinking...I wasn't always successful at keeping my mouth shut!) Happily she is flourishing in her design endeavors and continually amazing me with her creativity. She's earned Bachelors in Fashion Design, did an internship at Marc by Marc Jacobs, taught high school sewing, and is now pursuing her MA in Fashion Design in Scotland! She's long since passed me by!

  5. @Marilyn623
    Hooray! You must be so proud of her! Thank you for sharing your story - I always love hearing about daughters who do amazing things!


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