Sunday, April 24, 2011

Candy-Holder Egg

Every now and then when I am in the sewing room, Emily will ask to make something. This past week, she pulled out her sewing tub (modern version of work basket) and made an egg. 

I drew evenly-spaced dots on the underside of the egg, taught her to pin the pieces together, and let her go.

When she had finished, I tied the knots and she chose the decorations. Her first choice was fabric markers but those don't work well on felt, so she picked iron-on patches instead. I did the ironing and she happily went off to fill her egg with butterscotch candies.

I like that she picked a flower and a butterfly- 
both symbols of new life and (I think it might have finally arrived!) spring.

Happy Easter!


  1. Way to go, Emily! Soooo pretty!

    (Careful, Mom... she's gonna take over your spot! ;) )

    Happy Easter to all! And YES... we have SUN this morning!!! :)))))))

  2. adorable! I will show this to my girl, who will be surely inspired.

  3. Emily, such pretty stitching, I also love the butterfly patch! I wanted to say I also enjoyed your Earth Day post. Keep up the great projects!

  4. Oh my goodness - I am loving these. You know what? I made pretty much the same ones, just not out of felt and with the sewing machine. I planned to stuff puzzle pieces for little bear inside and hide the eggs ... They ended up being a bit on the smallish side, but still quite fun. I will have to show you .... did not even take any photos of them.
    I love your version even better. Never would have thought about using felt ... little bear could make some next year! LOVE the idea!

  5. Oh, I forgot - Emily, if you keep making such great things you are gonna have to start your own blog!!! :-)


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