Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Humpty Dumpty II

This is our lone offering of an Easter-ish craft. I bought these wooden eggs for the kids to decorate and they've mostly just colored on them with fabric markers. And not even in conjunction with Easter. A reader shared this tip with me many moons ago - fabric markers don't bleed on wood the way sharpies and other permanent markers do. We've found this to be wonderfully true. 

To take a break from our usual free-expression egg designing, we made some Humpty Dumptys this past weekend.

Step 1
Color the bottom half of the egg to look like trousers. Color in some hair on the top of the egg.

Step 2
Glue on (we used glue dots) googly eyes and a bowtie (we used foam stickies). Draw on a mouth.

Step 3
Cut 2 short lengths of ribbon, and hot-glue a button to the end of each.

Step 4
Apply dabs of hot glue to the bottom of the egg and stick the other ends of the ribbon on. 


Humpty Dumptys sat on the wall
Nothing entered their egg-brains at all
To make conversation, so silent they stayed
Till birds picked them off and took them away.

Either the birds got them, or gravity, right? Poor Humptys- I'd always felt very sorry for their doomed existence.

Anyway, Jenna thought she'd continue with the markers on the leftover eggs and turned out these lovelies. I enjoyed watching her discover that outlining in black produced very modern (and fun) designs. 

And that, dear friends, is the sum total of our Easter crafting.

We want spring. We need spring. We want spring. We need spring. We want spring. We need spring. We want spring. We need spring.We want spring. We need spring. We want spring. We need spring.We want spring. We need spring. We want spring. We need spring......


  1. These are really cute! Maybe I'll get myself to the craft store and buy some fabric markers and wooden eggs. Today was grump central in my house. We need and want spring too!!!

  2. Oh dear, I quite agree with you - poor Humpty ... you just can't cheat the inevitble :(
    I do hope spring arrives very soon for you. We're just going into winter here and the weather - and I use the term loosely - has been dismal since January. We've had nothing but rain since Christmas ended. But nevermind ... we soldier on ...

  3. We want spring. No more snow. We need spring. No more snow.

    NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!

    (Very cute eggs!)


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