Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep 
And doesn't know where to find them

She turned away quick and, for half a tick
Left no watchful eye to mind them.

They darted and ducked, then sidled and snuck
With Little Bo Peep none the wiser.

"Let's play hide-and-seek! We'll watch and we'll peek
Then pop out at her and surprise her!

But where can we hide? This vast countryside-
Our wide sprawling pasture of green-

Boasts no rock or tree, where cunningly we
Might huddle together, unseen!

Unless- if we dare - and she unaware,
Her petticoats we let conceal us

And therein remain, while she search in vain
Until come the time to reveal us!"

"Oh fie! There you hid! While frantically did
I call out to you to come hither!

Such mischievous lambs! And how cross I am!"
And under her glare they did wither.

Yet fierce though it burned, her anger soon turned
To joy and, relieved, she forgave them.

Because - safe and sound - her lambs had been found
And she never needed to save them!

Then, thankful, she led her charges ahead
To grasslands far greener, to dine them.

And when they were filled, they skipped down the hill,
Wagging their tails behind them.

Ah, sheep. So much like children, aren't they?

This was such an odd project - it was very, very, very much harder to make than it looks. I started out intending to do a tutorial for it. Then after several days of working on it, I thought I'd turn it into a pattern-for-sale because it was so involved. After several more days, I decided against that, too. The sheep are quite easy - especially if you find the right fuzzy fabric. 

Eeee! So Wallace-and-Grommit-ish, no?

But Bo Peep was tough. Hers was the zipper I struggled with for the longest time, that I mentioned in this post.

It was the potent combination of facing it completely, a thick layer of batting and interfacing, and working inside out of a narrowing cone. Quite ridiculous. It was like this spectacle case I made for mum last year: tiny, fully-lined, unmanoeuvrable - very, very difficult. You wouldn't think it, to look at it. 

So I'm sorry, friends - no tutorial and no pattern. I am, however, selling her, and her twin sister, for the Japan Quake Relief. 

Lots of details:

 and that cute hidey-hole in back for sheep.

There is no plastic canvas or anything hard and icky in them, so they are cuddly-safe even for bedtime. My girls love them, but they know they might be going away to help the people in Japan.

"Will you make more?" they ask.
I stare at them, wild-eyed. 
"Say! Tell me how school went today!" 
Good save, Mum.

So check them out here if you'd like to help out the folks in Japan. All proceeds from the sale of these two doll sets will go to the relief efforts via Samaritan's Purse (our family's adopted charity). I'm throwing in free shipping for US addresses and discounted shipping to international destinations.

Update: (3+ hours later): Both doll sets have been sold. Thank you! I will get them out in the mail to their new owners early next week.


  1. Brilliant!! Those sheep are exactly like Gromit! Very cute indeed. x

  2. What do I say to this?? Astounding would be an under-exclamation because they are beyond that!!

  3. these are incredibly adorable!!! Well done, and so very nice of you to donate such difficult efforts :)

  4. Molly's on my lap squealing and saying, "Peek!" at these photos, with her hands all over the screen. Does it feel good to have the approval of a 2 year old?

  5. Your creations never fail to delight! Incredible!

    As I first looked at your blog this morning, I for some reason happened to think of the zipper you'd mentioned that was giving you so much grief, and I wondered when we'd get to see what it went into. LOL... now I know!

    I see one is already sold. I hope someone hurries up and buys the other one, because I am sooooo tempted!! ;)

  6. I have to add, Molly just said her first 3 word phrase: "Sheep come out".

  7. Very, very interesting, cute and innovative. Well done!

  8. Love this! and would love to buy a pattern...pretty please?

  9. I'm with Jennifer. I'd love to buy it! My heart sank to my toes when I read that no pattern would be available. Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please?

  10. Lovely! How about a pattern just for the sheep? They are toooo cute. And excellent deflection tactics - I find that 'is your room tidy?' has a similar vaporising effect.

  11. This is such a cute piece of work that shows your enormous love for details!!!

  12. Could you please put the pattern up for sale.
    My dochter wants one.

  13. They are darling! No wonder they found new homes so quickly!

  14. Sheep pattern? Pretty please! ; ) Just like Wallace and Gromit. Love, love, love them.

  15. excelent creations!!! Congratulations!
    greetings from Portugal! :)

  16. I would like to buy the pattern, too. I do a Mother Goose program in the community and this would be a great interactive prop for the rhyme.

  17. WHAT IF... you did a velcro enclosure for the opening, then could you do a pattern? Please? What a fabulous doll. I would love to make one for my preschooler.
    Jenny Anderson

  18. Once again I am amazed at your skills and imagination! I am dying right now. So,so,so wonderful! So I understand not wanting to write a pattern, but maybe just the sheepies? I love them so much! Just like Shaun the Sheep (my husband's name is Shawn. We love that show.)You are one amazing lady.
    I also have to tell you I am just finishing up some fairies and a toadstool for my baby's 3rd b-day this weekend. I was nervous about the whole project but have been so pleasantly surprised at how well and easily everything has come together. My two older girls now want fairies and toadstools of their own. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and clear pattern. It has been so much fun to make.

  19. SUPER duper cute. Sorry you already sold them! *You should sell more, because your stuff is flawless and fantastic*. Not to inspire more craziness, but I was gifted as a young girl a little family of rabbits that all live inside a carrot that zips up.

  20. @Blogful
    A family of rabbits in a carrot that zips up???? EEEEEEE! I love it! I might have to make something like that soon! Er, after first mending the husband's shirts, sewing three more costumes for the girls, one large fake quilt, and an overambitious cardboard project. But thank you for the scrumptious idea!

  21. So beautiful! You are truly inspiring :) I am so glad to have stumbled onto your lovely blog!


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