Friday, August 26, 2011

I Am Done Hoarding

So, three hours after we brought home the Giant Cardboard Box, it's gone.

In its place is a neat, flat stack. 
What does it look like to you?

Let me zoom out a little bit.

Still no idea?

Maybe a different angle?


Yes, I made pizza boxes (are there no limits to her madness?). But not for pizzas. And not because I wanted to. None of the pizza places I called was able to sell me clean, unused pizza boxes so I had to make my own (the alternative was to eat more than a dozen pizzas). This was a single box I got because the LC guy took pity on me and threw in a free size S with my order of actual pizza. Thank you, LC guy! 

So what's with the title of this post? Jenny, you're only half right - I didn't say I was on a cardboard diet (heaven forbid), but I DID say I was slimming my hoard. So my new rule is, "Thou shalt USE the cardboard thou bringeth home* and not storeth it up in thine closet."** 

* or "that thine UPS man bringest thee"
** This rule does not apply to fabric.


  1. May I ask what you're going to do with all those pizzas boxes? That was a really cool box! :-D

  2. P.S. Little Ceasers is a huge favorite in our house. We used to live 2 blocks from one..... Yum!

  3. Thou art surely crazy, woman! But then, we all knew that already. :) Can't wait to see what your latest craziness brings about... 'cause I surely hath no idea!

  4. "**This rule does not apply to fabric."

    HA HA HA HA!! HA ha ha ha ha!!! (and that IS an evil laugh!) :o)

    You rule.

  5. I still don't understand, but assume that you'll further enlighten us soon. You're priceless, LiEr.

  6. Ha ha -- I had JUST finished reading your new rule when Ken walked in (after working at tidying up the garage and storage room) and said "OK, how about this? You keep 60% of what's left and you take the rest over to LiEr?" : )

  7. @Karin @ madebyk
    Alas, K, I must decline. I was very seriously thinking of calling you and walking over to see if you had any giant flat pieces to make my pizza boxes. And then we chanced upon that mammoth thing at Ikea. The remnant of that mammoth thing, though, has filled our recycling bin to overflowing. I can barely imagine the state of YOUR recycling bin, poor thing!

    P.S. Why are you so lucky that you have a storage ROOM? Just for cardboard? When other people have to hide theirs under beds?

  8. oh... I was just at ikea two days ago and I stared at the big container full of flat cardboard boxes outside near their loading area. I kept thinking, "should I take a couple?" , " should I ask?"... I then decided to just keep a mental note that ikea is the place to get my next stash of large cardboard pieces... Can't wait to see what you do w/ these "handmade pizza boxes".... !

  9. Looks like you have eaten a lot of pizzas. The compiled stack of pizza boxes said it all.


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