Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cardboard Love

A bit thrilled. During my narcissistic jaunts through the pages of my pinterest following, I discovered this cardboard post pin:

Do you see it? 

It's been repinned at least 2700 times!!!!!

That blows my mind. It's like you've believed all your life that you had a few screws loose because of your bizarre cardboard fetish, and then finding that, actually, there's a whole tribe of people like you out there and maybe cardboard isn't a disease after all.

Thank you everyone for spreading all that cardboard love! You made my day.

P.S. I'm working on those alterations tuts! But I decided to bite the bullet and do Emily's party photos. So you get to see those first!  


  1. I don´t know why you are surprised! your mailbox is simply perfect. congrats and thanks for sharing!

  2. That is awesome! Congratulations!!!

  3. Wow, well done! I've seen precisely 2 of my projects pinned, just the once each! Where can I find you on Pinterest?

  4. 2,700 times... WOW!! Though I'm not surprised. At all. :)

  5. @Wendy
    Thanks, Wendy!
    My boards are here:

  6. Oh yes, LiEr. There is a tribe. And you are our fearless leader, the one who actually writes whole posts identifying the varying kinds of free cardboard and their comparative uses.

    haaaaaaaahaha! We love you!

  7. we do love you LiER. I have just joined Pinterest after your post. Almost as addictive as and cardboard. I have pinned some of your ideas that i adore..and repinned many that others had already put up. Thank you for your unstoppable creativity and your cool humour. LiER ROCKS!

  8. It took me awhile to find this post, but I wanted to let you know that I found you through Pinterest and I've been inspired by your cardboard creations--so much that I decided to make a cardboard train (on a wagon) for my daughter for her Halloween costume. I am so impressed with your creativity!

  9. Just because there are thousands of us, doesn't mean it's not a disease. There is no cure. You can only cope with it by creating with cardboard. Some of us cope better than others... You cope very well. ;)


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