Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Mumblings

Party over!

I would blog about it except 
  • I can't be bothered to edit the photos
  • I've just been to the Home Depot to pester the staff for my next project
  • We have another little girl's birthday party to attend this weekend, who has asked for a homemade Rapunzel wig.
  • The children all have to be chauffeured to and from school today
  • The temperature will go from 90 the past week to 50's this week, and I think Emily might need a hoodie
  • Which I sewed the first layer of last night so I could force her to do a fitting before school this morning
  • So that I can finish lining it while she's in school
  • So that she can wear it when the freeze comes.

And the husband just reminded me that Jenna's birthday is in six weeks. Really? November is in the same year as September?

Since we are on the topic of celebrating, I think I may only have one (none, if I play my cards right) Halloween costume this year to make. Emily announced she wants to be "a vet" and only needs a lab coat. Jenna is going to be Rapunzel. Now if can convince Kate that she should wear one of our million fleece princess dresses, I might actually be able to sew the girls fall/winter coats! I've just inherited a stack of beautiful wool! Given! Free! Printless! 


  1. November in the same year as September...heehee! I hear you there.

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! :)

    And yeah... the weather's starting its chilldown as I type. Does it always have to make such DRASTIC changes?!

  3. Hooray for free wool! Looking forward to the coats =)

  4. Yep I think you're doing great too.... it is party season down here too and I LOVE your repunzel costume for Jenna. I even have a bunch of yellow fleece .... Perfect. Thanks!

  5. A little jealous about your wool inheritance!


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