Friday, September 2, 2011

Winners of the Stiffy Giveaway!


We have three winners

#3 Rachel, who said, 
That is a great idea!. I used stiffy in a class where we made origami type wallets out of fabric. It is interesting stuff.

#14 Wendy, who said,
I've been wanting to make a paper-tape form for years now but when you first posted photos of Fleur I knew that I ought to do it your way instead. I don't have the same lovely proportions so the more decorative I can make my form, the better! I need to get a sloper made, too - another thing on my to-do list - I assume you'd advise doing that before looking at building the form?

#18 Laura, who said,
If I remember correctly I think Don McCunn has some info on making a dressform from a sloper in his book. Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations, ladies! I'll be sending you email shortly (might already have been done) so we can get you your Stiffy! (That sounds bad, I know.) Or if for some reason, my email never got to you, please email me instead - lier.koh(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. hola Lier!!!
    Mi nombre es Cecilia y soy de Argentina, espero que puedas traducir... es hermoso todo lo que haces ! hoy descubrí tu blog y quede impactada de todo lo que haces. Te felicito por que son ideas increíbles, me imagino el placer que te debe dar ver tus trabajos terminados y la alegría de tus hijas por todo lo que les das... gracias por compartir en este mundo de Internet tus trabajos!! yo también aprendí a coser por mi madre y estoy orgullosa de eso!
    saludos y gracias!!


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