Monday, October 17, 2011

Can't Sew

Got flu shot. Left arm hurts. Right arm overworked from trying to protect left arm from moving. No limbs to wield scissors. I am an invalid. Tralalalalalalalalalalalala! I can't sew! Yipppeeeeeeee er I mean, oh phooey. I think I'll just sit on the sofa tonight and doodle. Let the Fabric Elves take my old paper patterns and turn them into costumes. I've set out the fabric in three neat piles on my sewing room floor, one for each child, and muttered a magical-sounding incantation over them while waving my hands in a mystical figure-eight configuration. Notice I've posted twice on the blog today? See how good I am at avoiding sewing costumes? Maybe I'll go take a long shower now, like three hours long, till bedtime.


  1. But just think... you won't get the flu to slow you down later, so might as well take that well deserved break now!

  2. Sending those elves now - hope they arrive!

  3. I learned something from a friend last night. Her doctor husband said that if you put your arm behind your back when you get the flu shot, you can't tense your muscle, so the shot won't hurt. I'm going to test the theory this week. It's too late to help you, I know, but maybe someone else will be helped!

  4. Love this post! Maybe I can wave my arms in a mystical figure-eight to get the recycling sorted, and the laundry folded, and generally all over my house... lol

  5. Haha!

    Yup- they did the arm behind the back thing on my son for his school shots. (he was a bigger baby than his 5yo and 2mo sisters!)

    I have 5 costumes to do this year and I think Tinkerbell will make her third appearance for the baby (all these girls means I really get good use out of these costumes when they are too little to have a say) and I may do a little half-homemade cheating for the others.

    Feel better soon and good luck!

  6. I hope your arm will recover soon. Just enjoy the break! The hint with the arm behind the back is great!


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