Monday, October 31, 2011

I Made The Shoes Afterall

Happy halloween, everyone! 

Tired. We had a birthday party this weekend, smack in the middle of costume-making. October is always a hard month for me because of the birthday-cum-costume nonsenses that converge in one mad week. It's like the intense handmade holiday gift-and-craft thing that many other bloggers experience - one crafter's Christmas is another crafter's October, I guess. Now, however, while the rest of you are gearing up for the homestretch of holiday making, I am going to sit at my computer, pull up amazon, and order Christmas gifts with my credit card. And relax till Spring. 

P.S.  Yes, I will share costume photos. Later. Right now I have the other two pairs of boots to finish, and then I'm putting all the wretched "sheers and satins" (as JoAnn calls them) in cold storage forever till next October.


  1. Magnificent boots!!

    And yay for Amazon! ;)

  2. Can't believe you made the boots!! Wish I had your talent.

  3. They are fanatstic! The best costume shoes I have ever seen.

  4. oh those are amazing boots! Are they actual boots or covers for existing shoes? no matter which, stunning.

  5. I had to sew a satin and some other kind of horrible shiny fabric from JoAnne's for my daughter's cape this year and I have decided I will never work with them again!! What a nightmare : )

    The boots are adorable!



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