Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Still Here

...... I'm just avoiding responsibilities.

It's 14 days to Halloween and there are no costumes in sight. 

Only this pile of bias tape

which has nothing to do with costumes whatsoever. But it was easier to make than costumes, so I did that instead. I'm also sewing softies that have nothing to do with Halloween, either. And yesterday I hummed my way through a cardboard piñata that is also not Halloweeny. I've even been harboring serious thoughts of cooking a large pot of beef stew for a mom-friend who just had a baby. I can't bring myself to start costumes. The fabric is all (as far as I can visualize, anyway) bought. The design is all on paper. I just need to start. Grab a child, measure a waist, something, anything. But - lalalalalalalalalalala - I'm sitting here, thinking, "should I use skin-color sweatshirt fabric or skin-color fleece? Oh, this is too hard. I think I'll go re-read Lord of The Rings now." 

P.S. And no, my children are not going to be Gollum for Halloween. Gollum would be easy.


  1. I have a pile like that, as of yesterday! Solid blue, though, and not quite as big. ;)

    And I can definitely relate to sidetracking when it comes to decisions. Aargh. Do I use all the same fabric, or make part of it contrasting, and if so, which? And then what about the pockets? And.... ???

    Fleece. There. Now go sew. ;)

  2. You know, there's no shame in the kids having to wear the princess costumes you already mentioned having :)

    Sometimes a mother just needs to know when to decide not to do something (reading a book is a good start!)

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


  3. I'm the same, I'm seriously procrastinating on halloween things. So far I have made three little pumpkins and that's it! You should see my halloween board on Pintrest, it's bulging, yet I've made one thing??

    - Ellie @ Mammy Made

  4. oh I know! I've recently been employed out of the house 7 days a week, and on my free half-day I finally got to work on capes for Halloween that I bought the fabric for in July. I don't know when I'll have unencumbered time again but go ahead and side-eye me, it might not be spent making enemies with fake fur. :D

  5. Glad I'm not the only one :) Love your blog. You always have such wonderfully original ideas executed with awesome craftsmanship!

  6. Well all I can say is, Thank goodness we don't go for Halloween in such a labour-intensive way here ;)

    At least, there's no mandatory trick-or-treating. At most, a kid has a birthday party on or around 31 Oct, and the mom might decide to make it Halloween themed. In which case, we throw on a spiderman/superman/batman t-shirt (if boy), or fairy wings/plastic tiara/pouf skirt (if girl) on our kid and let them eat lots of cake and sweets at said party. They come home over-excited and exhausted but extremely satisfied *grin*!

  7. The H word has not been spoken in our house. I'm hoping to avoid it - or maybe I'll tell the kids they can devise their own costumes from their dress up box. I am maxed out right now!

  8. @Otherwise known as Jen
    J: Labour-intensive is right. I think the hardest bit is the weather we have to work with. I always felt that if I lived in, say, Texas, or Florida, I could really easily do Halloween. But Minnesota/Alaska/Michigan/North Pole/Toronto/Winnepeg - all the fun is gone from sewing costumes when you have to factor in (or out) frostbite.

    I try to think of Halloween sewing as the one time in the year when the girls can ask for one dress-up outfit they will wear the rest of the year for playtime. Sadly it also coincides with Jenna's birthday prep. Maybe I should pick a different time of the year for them to do this, like in May when absolutely nothing happens and the weather is mild, eh?

  9. Wait a went straight to Lord of the Rings? You were supposed to start with The Hobbit! Begin again!



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