Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jenna's Baking Party

When we first asked Jenna, months ago, what sort of birthday she wanted, she said, "A Valentine and cupcake party". Much discussion followed, during which we distilled her preferences down to her great love for all things baking and colors and frosting and pretty cookies and friends. This turned out to be a wonderfully generic backdrop for all manner of rainbowy confection-related ideas. Jenna's party became, much to her delight, A Baking Party.

Cupcakes permeated the theme

But there were also cookies to frost

aprons to decorate and wear,

and all that good company.

We chose the same sequence of events as at Emily's party and did the important things first - we sang to the birthday girl, then had cake

and opened gifts. We enlisted Emily (now a veteran at all this) to help with drawing names from a little bag, to decide the sequence of gift-opening. 

And then we did all the "extras" - the games,

the piñata,

the crafts

And we had the most gorgeous weather that Saturday - warm enough to enjoy half the party outdoors. In late October! In Minnesota! Without shoes!

Color, sunshine, sweets and friends. Outrageously blessed day.
More posts coming up soon on all the different party elements!


  1. This is Emma's kind of birthday party, so I am thoroughly looking forward to your future posts! Jenna looks thrilled with her party in the photos, and I hope you will share how you made your pinata, and how the cupcake game worked!

    Love, love, love the parties you throw for your girls!

  2. I always enjoy your party posts... my middle daughter started preschool this year which means I get to plan a party. i will be using one of yours. I cant wait.

  3. The party looks really adorable! I love cupcake things...always fun. Happy birthday to your little one.

  4. Oh what fun! You have such creative ideas and I love to read about them and see the pictures!

  5. So fantastic!! The party, definitely, but more so the weather... incredible!! :) Looks like a wonderful day all the way around! Love the happy looks on Jenna's face.

  6. Yet another one of your awesome parties! Everything looks just gorgeous!

  7. A beautiful celebration to honour such a sweet girl. I love all of the elements and handmade touches. Those aprons are such a fun activity.

  8. Lier, you're genius ! it must be so much fun to be your kid ! this party is beautiful (and I wanted to tell you that your musketeer dresses up were wonderful too !)

  9. Oh! what a special party! I`d like one like this for my own birthday!! the aprons are awesome!!

  10. Parabéns e muita saúde para a pequena Jenna. Que linda festa,colorida e graciosa como ela.
    Beijos daqui do Brasil

  11. Ha! My daughter just requested that her party next week should be a cupcake party! So I was so thrilled to check your blog out today and find this incredible post! (-Our party won't be anywhere nearly as elaborate as this...)

  12. Wonderful party.Everything looks gorgeous!
    Can you explain the games that were played?

    Thanks jessica


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