Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Started The Year With Amazon


2012 is here!

We've all enjoyed this long week of vacation, post-Christmas. The girls played with their new Christmas gifts, the majority of which seemed to be card games, board games and playmobil. They are finally at the age when all three enjoy games and, for the first time, their dad and I can play with them as equals. Even Kate, who is still leery of speed-competetions ("I don't like the race", she tells us), is very good at taking turns, following the rules, and losing like a good sport. 

I've enjoyed reading all your comments and suggestions on how to avoid being in Craft-Maintenance Mode in 2012 - thank you so much! Even more than that, I enjoyed your enthusiasm in sharing your sewing/quilting/crafting goals for the year. Hurrah for you! I wish you all adrenaline that never flags, a miraculous immunity to illness (especially if you have small children like I do), flawless finishes to every project, impeccable taste in fabric, and protection from the evil demons of procrastination. And to my fellow Cardboarders - may your Xactos be always sharp, may your FedEx and UPS staff be ever generous and may your gluesticks never run out.

And what of the title of this post?
I bought more stuff on Amazon.com - even after Christmas shopping ended, I mean. First, about 350 plain envelopes, for something I call The Surplus Sticker Upcycling Project. Next, this book, which I'd been subconsciously wanting:

There are a few more things I might buy, but I think treats are best enjoyed in small doses, so I'll wait.

Speaking of drafting, I found a good website via Pinterest this past week. It's on stretch-drafting, so for things like leotards and swimsuits and wetsuits. It will be a lovely resource to have, if just for the outline diagrams - and for those readers who'd asked about drafting raglan sleeves from the basic sleeve block (which theoretically works for non-stretch garments, too), there is a page on that, too.

And since you were nice enough to share what your craft plans for the year were, here are mine - for January, anyway; I can't see farther than that:
  • One dozen ribbon balls for church nursery - they asked me, and I said yes. That was two months ago. Yikes.
  • Drawstring camera pouch for a friend.
  • Some owl-themed gift for another friend's birthday Just bought her an owl necklace on etsy. One less sewing project! Score!
  • About six pairs of linen frog buttons for
  • Chinese linen tunic for the Chinese New Year.
  • Ethnic (well, Asian, anyway) outfits for dolls.
  • Summer clothes wardrobe for the girls and - if Target/Land's End/Old Navy fails me - myself. We're going to Singapore and we can't wear winter stuff there.

Except for the doll clothes, everything else must be finished by end of January. Not a lot of fun, huh, sewing with a deadline? And I wonder why I'm bored with sewing (eye roll).

But before I put my nose to the grindstone, the girls and I indulged in a cardboard project for Emily's holiday homework assignment! And I balanced and closed my shop accounts for 2011 and filed my sales tax return today! So glad for whomever invented spreadsheets. Also glad I didn't become an accountant. 


  1. Wow. I think I would be rather breathless at the thought of that much sewing with that particular deadline. Good luck!

  2. Target had a cute short sleeved dress with a flouncy skirt. Tee material. Nice and comfy.

  3. Love this post and will have to steal your wish to crafters to be my mantra for the year :)

  4. Sounds like a busy January! Good luck!

  5. I assume January will likely be too busy for it, but that frog-making tutorial would be wonderful... *hint*

  6. Love that book! thanks for sharing the pattern school link!

  7. Don't forget to make cardboard luggage for you and your family for the trip :)


  8. Wow, inspiring!
    I am looking for a checklist or chart for the girls, do you use one by the door, for them to get ready for school?
    make bed
    tidy room
    get dressed
    put shoes and socks on
    have breakfast
    pack backpack
    put coat on
    If only I could draw like you....
    vitamins and/or medicine

  9. just got a new Land's End catalog in the mail today and I am DYING to wear their summer clothes! Hope you find something you like.


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