Friday, January 6, 2012

Pattern Magic

I love this book!

Sometimes you don't need tutorials, photographs of what the seam looks like under the (out-of-focus) presser foot, ABCDEFG symbols to match bits up with other bits, numbers to replicate, or full-size tissue-paper patterns tucked into an envelope.

Sometimes you just need a sort of pictorial overview of pattern shapes

to make awesome things.

Sometimes all you need is just a little help 
to visualize the mechanics of a twist,

a crater,

a bump,

a weave.

Texture, not print. 
Sometimes less is more, yes? 

The reviews were right, though - you need to already know drafting to get the most out of this book.

Look - there are magic pockets*, too -
(which look even more magic in a thinner fabric, but scrap denim was all I could find to play with today).

Sort-of funny story:
I'm going to Singapore, right? Biennial pilgrimage of sorts. And I get to meet my friend Jen again, right? And I want to buy her this book. She asks if I can cart back some books for her if she had them amazon-ed to me. "Sure", I say. "By the way, do you have Pattern Magic?" Jen says, "It's one of the books on my list. Do YOU have it?" What do we do if we want to give each other the same book? She buys me PM1 and I buy her PM2, that's what. And we buy ourselves the book we didn't get from each other. Did we just (literally) exchange gifts via amazon? Darn it, we need to be in the same country. And soon we shall :)

*The vanishing pockets are in Book 2, not Book 1, incidentally.


  1. Had to smile over the book exchange story! Glad you'll get to meet up!

    This book looks incredible! I hope I manage to learn pattern drafting, so I can read it someday.

  2. Can't wait to see what these books inspire you to make! I like that "weave"! Some of the others are a little far out, though. :)

  3. My mom's friends gave me this book, it's amazing but I've yet to make anything from it. I've not been brave or dedicated enough to figure out my sizing for those patterns.

  4. I love that Bamboo Shoot weave! But the crater looks like something I would "accomplish" without meaning to ;)

    A book that really sparks one's imagination is a special gift - however it is given/received. It's wonderful that you and your friend really speak the same language :)

  5. If you are coming back to Singapore, they have it at Kinokuniya at Orchard but it's in Japanese though.

  6. That's the best way to exchange gifts, ha!
    I have the first two books (#3 is a little strange). Maybe in 2012 I'll have the mental space to make some things from them.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you in a "lumps and bumps" dress!

  7. That must the true friendship test, the book exchange:-) I would love to figure out that twist dress and knot tie.

  8. I'm just about to start my first Pattern magic item - hope it goes well!

  9. AHHH! i just saw this book at bookoff (used jap book store) for 6 bucks and was thinking of getting it, but then looked through it and thought it's really too 'cheem' for me to attempt.

    Have fun back home! the last time I went home to SG I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people EVERYWHERE.
    and oh, can I buy your girls' clothes for my little one when they outgrow them? :)


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