Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tally

17 garments and 1 felt toy.

My brain may be short-circuiting from the disorientation but I'm all set for the trip AND the rest of the summer. Ha! I can start work on Halloween costumes in March!! 

As if.

And we are off to the tropics! See you when we get home!

P.S. Purple racer back sundress found - I'd already packed it in Bag #5. Apparently my brain hadn't waited to get on the plane before turning itself off.


  1. AWESOME!! And I still don't know how you did it all! Have a wonderful time! And know that you will definitely be missed!

  2. Have fun! I sew like crazy before I go out of town too! LOL

  3. Such lovely outfits!!! Incredibly impressed. Cute toy, too, of course =)

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  4. oh my. how wonderful. one day i hope i can make garments like that. have a great vacation!

  5. The batik racer back is my fav... happy travels- your kids are blessed with a wonderful mother!

  6. Fantastic - you met your deadline! Have a super time in Singapore :)

  7. I sometimes wonder if you were put on this earth to make me feel bad about my procrastination habit... They all look perfect

    Have a great trip. Take care,


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