Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Those Ribbon Balls

Am still here. So's my sewing machine. I'm making clothes. Not very exciting clothes, true, but they're coming along. Wanted to pop back in and respond to the pins and requests for a pattern for the ribbon/tag balls in the last post. 

When I first opened my etsy shop some years ago, I wasn't planning to stock it with toys and dolls and/or patterns. I'd actually wanted to make kits because I liked cutting pieces of fabric out and packaging them in ready-to-sew bags for other people. Did I just say that I liked cutting out one million pieces of fabric?  And one million pieces of ribbon? I know - I was bonkers. But I'd just had a baby, okay? I left my brain at the hospital. 
Anyway, while I don't have a pattern or a tutorial for those balls, I do have a few kits left from that first batch if anyone is interested. 

The kit comes with 
  • enough fabric pieces to make a ball (either round or football-shaped) and one leftover for a "pattern" you can use to make more balls of your own,
  • more than enough coordinating ribbon tags to make up your own combination for the ball,
  • a small bell to stuff in the ball if you want and   
  • instructions, of course. No photos- just nice clear diagrams and text. 
It does not come with stuffing. You provide that, and the thread, and the sewing machine. The price is $9.50 plus shipping ($2.00 domestic; $3.00 international). The balls are 5" in diameter when finished. 

If you're interested, just email me and I can re-list the kit you want.
These are the ones I have:

Top row: Earth, Jersey, Mod Orange
Middle row: Princess, Sunset, Winter
Bottom row: Rockspring, Savanna, Spring


  1. The balls are cute. My wife is pregnant with our 4th child and is now in that sit down and find toys for the baby phase.

  2. The kits are great! I bought one "back in the day" and used the ball when I did a placement with infants. :)

  3. I made one of these using Lier's kit. It was perfect. I highly recommend getting one before they are gone!

  4. Could I get princess, winter & spring from you? ;) is it easy for sewing noobs?

    1. Mel, can you email me at so I can reply when I get your listing up? Winter and Spring are gone, but I 'll save Princess for you. Do you want any others? I can list them together and do discounted shipping. And yes, they are easy to make (and fast)!

    2. hello, do you still have any of this kits left?


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