Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Sewing For Summer - the Jenna edition

As I said in the Emily edition, I'm confused.

This was the only winter dress I made (for Jenna or anyone else) this year. Ironically, I cut it out two winters ago for Emily, who outgrew the fabric pieces even before they were ever assembled. So I cut them down to fit Jenna and sewed it up this winter.

Nothing fancy - Tshirt neckline, Tshirt yoke, gathered skirt, long sleeves, pockets - just a playdress to wear around the house and in school.

Maximum fabric coverage.

Immediately after finishing this, I made summer dresses - minimum fabric coverage.

The style is like an extrapolated A-line camisole. 

The armscyes and neckline are bound with ribbing, that continues as the straps

and meets at the side seam.

Here's another racerback sundress.

I like this batik - and yes, it's a knit, not a woven batik. It will fit right in on the beaches of Singapore.

Same dress in a sprinkles knit

Three pairs of knit shorts:

7 garments, all knit. 
And with that, I consider her summer wardrobe comfortably supplemented. 

P.S. Breaking news: the purple batik sundress is missing. I knew it was too good to be true that all 7 garments were where I wanted them to be when they were ready to be packed in the suitcase. This is what happens when I let the children dress cross-seasonally in the house!


  1. Pretty clothes for an even prettier little girl! The knits look so comfy!

  2. LOVE the purple racer back sundress, both the fabric and the style...

  3. I love the racerback dress, and made my daughter one late last summer. She had it out the other day and I said how much I loved it (she had too), and that I wanted to make her more for the summer. She said no! I nearly cried! So I said I was going to make one for myself instead :)


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