Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Took A Break To Show You Windows

Yup. Not much else there. 
Those two gashes are where the floors will be slotted in. 

They're pretty windows, though,

 and recessed (necessary only because of how thick the brown cardboard is).

I hoard my white cardboard for things just like this.

Kate came and discovered me cutting the windows and asked for the little rectangle and pie-slice shaped cutouts. She collects small things, see. 
"Are you making this for me?" she asked.
"Yes." I said. "But it's a surprise, OK?"
"OK. I won't know that it's for me." She reassured me.
Such an understanding child.

"Can we show Kate the bed, then?" asked Jenna, before I could stop her.

"Oh! You made furniture, too!" said Kate. 
"Here, I'll show you how it works!" replied Jenna.

Well, why not, since we're obviously failing badly at keeping things a secret. 
I give up. Let's even blog about it to the whole internet.

So here's the bed.

It has hearts on the headboard and footboard

and a trundle.
"For sleepovers!" Jenna explained to Kate.

I think there's a useful technique worth sharing here, so you can make other similar structures, like drawers.

See - the thing slides out but it needs a sort of stop so you don't yank it out every time you pull,

which is simply a flat board that's taller than the opening.

Like so:

And it needs 'rails', but not for sliding on, like real drawers. Just a short wall on either side, to prevent the drawer/trundle from shifting side-to-side as it slides. 

And that's how we make non-frustrating drawers for children.

And now we must stop blogging and go for a walk, for the rain has stopped and the next stage is electrical wiring, which necessitates the children being fast asleep. We resume tonight!!!! 


  1. I smiled all the way through this post. For the cardboard items, yes, but also for the little girl words. :)

    Don't stay out too long. Still raining here. You might get wet!

  2. Wow! You are awesome. You weren't perhaps tempted for Barbie to have a Bungalow?

  3. hahaha..good job!.. can't wait to see the outcome

  4. you are so amazing. my daughter (chrissie, aged 3) and i like to look at the pictures on your blog and go WOW! we recently tried to make a cardboard house, just because we were so inspired by your crafts!

  5. that is amazing! My daughter (Chrissie, aged 3) and i like to come to your blog to see the pictures and go WOW! we recently tried to make a cardboard house because we were so inspired by your crafts and your talent! Way to go!

  6. I just Love your blog. I smile every time I read it.

  7. I also recently did a house with windows, but by the different way :)

  8. Oi Lier,

    Amo sua página, estou sempre aqui para ver o que você faz, te admiro muito. vejo que você se supera a cada criação.


    Mirian (p.s.: isso não é espanhol, é português do brasil!)


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