Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just The Lights

More photos tomorrow, in daylight. All I will say tonight is that I wish I had time to make crown molding.  

And yes, that IS the same silhouette. The girls decided it was Ken, and that he was sufficiently beloved by all the Barbies that just one of him was not enough.


  1. This. Is. Amazing. Seriously. I have no other words. I'm in awe.

    Jess @ tupelocreative

  2. The lights are gorgeous. I want to curl up in front of the fire! And stare at Ken Doll silhouettes... ;-)

  3. You are a clever lady!

  4. Wow! The lights are amazing. All the little fixtures are so precious.

  5. Wow, I am following your work in this house, it was these other spots. I love your work.

  6. You're incredible. The detail is mind-blowing, especially considering you've wired all these lights into CARDBOARD!

  7. Those little red coffee straws, the double tube ones, make great molding...

  8. You are amazing! I thought the house looked good in the other posts, but with the lights, and the wallpaper and the fireplace and the LIGHTS?! this is awesome.

  9. LOVE the lights! Wonderful!

    Not Barbie scale--but 1:12 scale, if you want them:

    I have rugs, wallpaper, pictures, etc. You can print them out, iron the rugs on transfer paper, tie off rugs ends if you wish, etc. All free printables.

    And to think, I clicked over to see what you have been sewing lately!

    I totally understand the frustration with projects that take a long time. Hence the craziness that is my sewing room. Just to keep myself going, I started a new project today: an eyelet church dress for my oldest, with a fabric belt and fabric flowers at the waist. All of this sitting around and not creating was driving me nuts.

    1. Thanks for the printables! We LOVE them! And then we (daughters and I) groaned because we don't have a color printer! Only a black-n-white laser. Arrrrggggghhhhh! Never mind, hopefully other folks who are reading the comments and who might be making their dollhouse (Karin, are you reading this??) and who have color printers can use them. Thank you again for sharing!

  10. Oh, and if you click on the wallpaper link, there is some moulding that you can print and cut out to put on the wall.


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