Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pattern Sale on MyMeasuringTape!

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday! Fun. Well, not really, but could've been my appendix, so I'm rejoicing. Obviously, I have no photos of that happy event for you. I'm also supposed to have been resting yesterday and today, which in theory means no housework (as if). So, in spite of it being a week of 70 degree days and me wanting desperately to be outside on the driveway sawing and drilling wood, that unfortunately constitutes the sort of "strenuous activity" from which I'm supposed to abstain, so here I am, typing. We will, however, head to a park for a picnic tea later after school!

Anyway, instead of talking about me - although it's two paragraphs too late for that - I'm going to tell you about Jen's pattern sale and invite you to go shopping!

In case you haven't met Jen, she's that professional tailor friend who did the drafting series with me two years ago. She does made-to-measure sewing for people, and also has a ready-to-wear clothing line (with a press fashion show and everything!). She also offers pattern making and grading services for clients and sells clothing patterns, in both pdf format, and actual full-size  robust-paper pattern packages. None of that flimsy tissue paper stuff!

I'm mentioning her here, not only because I really like her (hee!) and have a deep respect and admiration for her skill (and I don't say that for just anyone) but also because she's having a limited-time pattern sale on her site! Everything is half-price!

So go! Head over to Jen's shop!

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  1. I hope your wisdom tooth adventure goes better than Mike's did in December! Heal well and quickly!!!


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