Friday, March 9, 2012

What I Bought Today!

Quick - I have to go boil potatoes for dinner now, but wanted to share this before I get absorbed by mealtime/bathtime/bedtime madness.

I bought this mannequin today! The girls had a day off school so we planned an elaborate adventure involving donuts, McDonalds, the Children's Museum and tea at the Mall. We hardly get to have Emily with us on weekdays, so we sort of went a bit nuts today and included as many rare treats as we could. At the Mall, we parked in a bizarre corner we never park in, which required us to walk through Bloomingdale's to get to the stores. And Bloomingdale's was closing down and selling off all its fixtures and display items. Yes, MANNEQUINS!!!!! This one was $17.50. Granted, it is a teenage-boy/young man sort of size but I rationalized it thus:

  • The thing's waist is the same as mine. If ever Fleur dies, I have a backup for skirts in this one.
  • It's lighter than Fleur and good for displaying clothes whose fit isn't important:

  • The stand alone is worth more than twice the price-

because it's wood, and it's adjustable

which opens up possibilities that Fleur doesn't have because she's unfortunately exactly my height, size and shape. Like if we put padded underwear on him, he becomes a she, and she can model dresses!

  • It shrinks to really short which is fabulous for storage.

  • And the kids were very excited about it, saying, "Can we buy it so he can be the Prince when we play Princess?" 
  • Did I mention it was only $17.50? For goodness' sake! $17.50!!!!!!!

Took all my self control not to buy more than one. I stood there, thinking, "Whom can I buy these for as Christmas gifts?" Then became paranoid that other people might not enjoy a humanoid home decor item the same way I do. In the end, I decided to leave the rest there and blog about it so those of you who live in the Twin Cities area can head down to the Megamall yourselves and check them out. There were different kinds of mannequins still available when we left- but most of the female dress forms were gone. There were plenty of plaster clothes mannequins, though (the ones with the staring eyes) and they cost $40 and up, and dismembered legs, hands and busts. Go crazy, you guys.

One last, scary photo before I stop foaming at the mouth and head off to the kitchen:

Yes, the girls have been going crazy. Not exactly Prince-like, but might already be their favorite toy for the next few weeks. 


  1. Congrats on such a great find!

  2. Way to go! But are you sure Fleur won't feel bad?

    That last pic cracked me up! Yep, I see lots of fun times ahead! :)

  3. Qué envidia tengo en estos momentos ;-)
    Hace mucho que pienso en tener uno, pero los precios son algo elevados para mí. Si encuentro uno a ese precio, seguro que lo compro.
    Gracias por compartir

  4. Oh fun! I'm mentally going through the list of people I know over in that part of the country to try to get someone to vicariously run out to Bloomingdales for me! What a great find! When we bought our house I found an old dress form in the attic, but the stand is metal and rickety and not adjustable. I'd love to have a nice wood one to pop the torso on to. Oh well! Enjoy your prince!


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