Monday, May 21, 2012

Cardboard Magic Wallet

The girls and I made magic wallets last week. We got the instructions here, but used some of our precious white cardboard to make cardboard versions. 

Each girl got four pieces of cardboard to decorate.

Then we assembled the wallets with a bit of ribbon. 

They are like those Jacob's Ladder toys, but with only two sections.

So how are they magic?

You open out the wallet to put your money in.

You slide the money into the left X section, with the blue sky.

Then you close the wallet

and open it by the other edge. Voila! The money has jumped magically over to the right side with the parallel straps, along with the blue sky!

The two younger girls were very magic-ed. Emily, however, raised a skeptical eyebrow, took the wallet and disappeared for a while, then returned to say, "OK, I know how it's done." Spoilsport.


  1. I just made my daily visit to Apartment Therapy, and there was your tension rod house. You're everywhere these days! Which is awesome :)

  2. So cool! I think I may be able to talk Mike into making these with the kids as a dad activity :)


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