Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gifts for Teachers Part II

Finally finished the second half of the girls' Teacher Gifts. I doubt if you even remember Part I, it was so long ago. 

These are Lunch Buckets, similar to the Owl Bucket I made ages ago. I always try to give teachers something practical at the end of the year and this usually turns out to be some sort of receptacle, like last year's wallet-to-tote, 2010's insane market baskets and 2009's reversible tote bags.

With the graduating classes, I also try to include the kids' artwork. No reason other than me being sentimental. And also a retired teacher. Who was sentimental about the kids she said goodbye to. Even though her kids were 18 years old, and couldn't technically be called kids, especially since many of the boys physically towered over her. 

Back to the present -this mustard bucket was for Jenna's teacher. This is Jenna's last year of preschool so I got the kids to draw themselves on fabric patches, which I put on a bucket, surrounded by copious amounts of piping. There were only six kids in her class this year, which is awesome for any class, but especially for a preschool class. 

Kate's teachers, who will get to see her again next year, got regular print buckets in their favorite colors.

I especially like this next one, because I've always loved yellow and this chrome yellow is absolutely delicious.

That last floral bucket in the photo below is for Emily's teacher, who will get it in two weeks, when Emily is done with school. 

The buckets are lined with oilcloth, laminated cotton or thermaflec, so they can be wiped clean if they get food on them. But they can also double as pails for craft supplies, a knitting project, small toys or anything else their teachers find use for. 

These four are for the teachers, but wait till you see the ones I've put in the shop for you! They're not there yet (must take photos and we've been having deluge after deluge of rain recently) but they will be very soon! 


  1. Do you hear that? It's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. What fantastic gift ideas! I'm sure the teachers will love (and use!) them.


  2. I am so in love with these buckets! Have you, or could you pretty please, make a tutorial for them, particularly the draw string top. I can't wrap my head around how to insert that part neatly with a lining. Also, on an unrelated note, I have a question about fitting simple knit shorts on a toddler with a tummy. The pooch, oh the pooch! I've quilted for years, but having a cutie pie daughter has inspired me to dive into garments and I've had more failures than success thus far :(

  3. These are really great. I'm a teacher myself. However here in Germany we don't get teachers gifts. I'm kind of jealous...
    Guess I have to buy them myself from your shop.

  4. As a former teacher myself I have to say that I loved getting any handmade gift, but these buckets are awesome. I'd also love a tutorial for these. Or if it's complicated maybe you could sell the pattern. The drawings from the students are so cute, and actually useful and keepable in this form. What a good idea.

  5. these are just adorable...love love love them

  6. Sooo cute! I especially love the personalized one! What teacher wouldn't be thrilled to receive any one of those buckets?!

    Yeah, I think you should write a pattern! ;)

  7. I love these so much! The buckets you made a couple years ago were the first things that drew me to your blog. I'd love to make some of these too.

  8. I love these, especially the one with the children's artwork. When I was teaching preschool, a gift like this from my kids would have killed me! Super sweet.


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