Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Talked About Cardboard on Public Radio!

So last month I was on SiriusXM radio, being interviewed on its Kids Place Live program about my cardboard fetish. This was the day before that Twitter party and I was just starting one of the most magnificent colds I'd ever had. Very exciting but I was so nervous that I locked myself in the bedroom after warning the kids, with various threats, to leave me alone because I was on the phone with a very important person. I also made them all use the bathroom before I got on the phone. 

Needn't have worried, because the kids were good as gold, especially after I'd explained I was going to be on the radio, like the Twins games their dad listens to. And in spite of everything being impromptu, the host, Mindy, was so much fun to talk to. When I listened to the interview after, I was distracted by how my recorded voice sounds completely different from how it sounds in my own ears. Also how -sadly- less Singaporean I sound compared to 10 years ago when I first came to the US. Sniff. 

Anyway, if you've ever wanted to know what I sound like, and whether I speak like I write (yes), listen to the interview here. It's about 20 minutes. Warning: I speak very fast. Even after reminding myself to slow down. I can't explain it. Whenever I've had to give a formal speech in the past, I pretended I was Darth Vader and breathed a lot between words, just to sound normal. And I also meandered all over the place towards the end, trying to plug the Twitter party when I'd never done a Twitter party. Go ahead and laugh at how unwittingly, honestly clueless I sounded (and was)! 

Enough! I'll shut up now and let my Alien Other Voice take over. Enjoy the interview!


  1. Hey I enjoyed your interview it was great, you should come to nz, we all speak fast so your interview sounded fine too me.
    I know though how awful I always think my voice is when I hear it recorded so I understand your cringe at listening to yourself.

  2. question, i wanted to use your cardboaard lemonade stand for my daughter for an end of the school year project, however the links you provided in two different spots takes you to parenting, which has no lemonade stand there anywhere to get instructions on how to make this? I appreciate it! ADorable stuff!!!

    1. Colleen, that link no longer works. It's very strange, but it takes you now to a recent page on their site which, as you said, has nothing to do with the lemonade stand, the racecar, the puppet stage or the oven. I don't know how else to get info for you - I even googled it to see if I could pull it up from the archives, but nothing. Would the original post help? Or was that the post that led you to the other post that was a dead end? It just has photos of our stand, based on the parents one, but no instructions. YOu can probably figure out how it is put together, and just make up your own dimensions.

  3. How funny, I'd never thought of you having a Singaporean accent! (which, now that you mention it Duh!) What fun to hear your voice! Doesn't sound fast to me at all. :) Were you thinking Darth Vader the whole time?

  4. What a great interview! It was fun hearing your lovely voice! And you didn't speak any faster than the host. :) It all flowed very nicely... great job!

  5. What a great interview Lier. You can definitely hear your Singaporean accent, your voice is very nice to listen to. It was really nice to hear about your adventures growing up in your family. :-) Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    I love how ingenious your cardboard creations are! Like how the lid of the treasure box has a place to sit and stay. I gotta look at that a little closer...

    Keep up the good work/fun. But rest that arm in between times. :-)

  6. Well, my comments are just echoing others now, but I also thought you sounded great! It was an interesting interview, you responded so gracefully, and your speech was not at all too fast but just right.

    Since I receive your blog posts via email, I rarely comment--but I always enjoy anything you write about, even though you have small girls and I have big boys. :)


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