Friday, May 25, 2012

Scenes from Our Home

What a blessing older siblings are.

A couple of days ago, Emily set up a crafting station in her room and invited her little sisters to make a craft.

"We're making ice cream cones!" she advertised excitedly. They crafted till bedtime, and this morning, while Emily was at school, Kate and Jenna continued.

She raided my art supplies closet to set it up, but it was for a good cause. 

This afternoon, she set up an incredibly elaborate and messy painting station at the kitchen table. It involved every single palette we owned, plus our stamp pads, all our paintbrushes and our entire set of tempera paint bottles. It was wonderful and chaotic all at once. I had to clean up big time after, in spite of them helping. Paint is that way. No complaints, though. It kept the girls occupied for a long time while I sewed on the deck swing and played music videos.

This morning, she asked me if I remembered when I would set up craft stations on the coffee table late at night for her to find the next morning. "So we could make a craft while you slept?"
I remember. How was it possible that I was that organized, with one child nursing and two in diapers? Must've been the nutella. 

These days though, the Oldest Sibling has inherited that job. 

And I am punching my fist in the air, saying, "Yessss!"


  1. I see flashes of these days heading towards us. I'll be punching the air too when they arrive. What adorable girls you have.

  2. I have no idea how you were that organized! It's paying off, now, though!

  3. How lovely! And seriously what a great idea to keep them busy

  4. That's so cute! Check out my blog:

  5. I hope my little girl grows up to have friends like your sweet girls!

  6. I hope my little girl grows up to have friends like your sweet daughters!


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