Friday, August 17, 2012

Feeling Green

I picked up some treats today at the fabric store. I was there to buy grey duck cloth for my bag and also bought these lovely things:

The industry name, I believe, is Polypropylene (PP) Spun-Bonded Non-Woven Fabric (yes, I know things like this while being completely ignorant of names of fabric designers and the parts of my sewing machine). Layman-type folks just call it "shopping bag fabric". 

These are the first non-hideous prints I've seen at JoAnn. So I bought several yards of each. They're good for the kids to practise tote-making with, since they don't fray, they hold their shape and don't flop, and are easy to work with. And the end-product is a really useful thing they can use for actual shopping or to give away. I'm thinking that I must design a shrinkable, space-saving foldaway reusable shopping bag for these fabrics soon. Not just because it's green but also because it feels like magic.

Here are the other novelty items I found at the store. I was very suspicious of them being called "Fun" Tape Measures. What makes them "fun"? Is it the colors (how is almost-white "fun")? Or the possibility that, upon unwrapping the packaging, I might find the markings don't extend beyond 12"? Or the numbers suddenly morph into Chinese characters? Or the rest of the tape is really marked in more exciting units, like cubits, angstroms or parsecs? Or they're blank inside, with a small black marker and instructions for DIY callibration? Or what? 

No, I haven't unwrapped them. And even if I did, I won't tell you - you'll have to go procure your own Fun Tape Measures to find out. 

P.S. Thor? Seriously? Come on! That's like choosing print fabric when you could have ikat.


  1. I think YOU had way too much fun today, buying that duck cloth! :)

    1. AND I'm 3/4 way through Bag#4! It seems that leaving the house to buy supplies does not necessarily equate to a drop in productivity. At least not in the same way as watching Asgardian deities (one in particular) equates to a drop in productivity.

  2. I saw those measuring tapes too the last time I was there. I managed self control and didn't buy one in every color. I really do want to make myself a watch like this though.

    or a couple bracelets like this

  3. Ooh, I love that tree fabric. I must agree with you. Thor is too much of a pretty boy. Loki is dark and mysterious!

  4. Did your measuring tapes have a warning on them that they contain lead? Mine do. I'm not sure what to make of it.


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